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Longing for some one..........

It's been a while, i am trying to make my self  happy and delete every bad memories that makes me sad this year. For the past months, it's been a hard task. A task of making my self happy, beyond the fact that i am not.

I am sad, longing for someone who impossibly cannot be mine.  I felt crazy, i felt i am damn stupid guy who wished for the stars to shine, beyond the fact that it is rainy night.I am looking for a place, to make myself suitable, I am standing on a bridge, thinking about you each day. I wanna shout and let the   world know  how badly needed you now. I am waiting in the dark, wide open eyes. Dreaming that you will knock the door and i will be excited to open it for you. Then, you will smile at me, hug and cuddle me in bed. Oh, how i wished it will happen again.

But that is all my dream. My dream that sucks. My heart that cries for you. I wanna tore this world. I wanna break the silence that hits me everytime i am alone. The annoyance of this night makes me fool. I convinced my self sometimes, that " we can't be together", yes, somehow i find it okay, but i know most of the time, tears coats my eyes and wept. It is stupid to dream, that is is impossible. But it is more stupid if i will pretend that i am happy, and get over on things that i treasured the most but was gone. It sucks.

I am longning for someone, yes i am. I wish you will take me with you, it's a damn cold night. Take me by  your hands and take me with you! But these words will remain unspoken. Wish it will be.


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw... paputok ka nalang ng marami sa new year para masaya hihihihi :)

  2. Yj: hehehehehe, akal ko kung anung paputok un. hahaha.. kaw ha, bawal dito sa davao ang paputok eh

  3. heypiiii new year! Clear ur mind. It is better to start the new year with positive thoughts. :)

  4. missGuided: thank you for the advice..


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