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Well, how does it feel to be loved, and how does it feel to find your self being cared off?    It's a sweetest thing somehow. Love is just freaking crazy and hilarious sometimes. It'll take you from normal to above normal.   

A bit confused?

Watch this !


Pilipinas Got Talent once again  look for another home grown talents which would definitely be a hit in this country. For the past PGT contestants we have seen various of talented Pinoys  who made it to the top 36, then the rigid training and the hurting elimination is just undoubtedly hard for a contestant who wanted to achieved their dreams. Alongside Jovit Baldebino last years'  big winner, whose voice is just incredibly awesome, singing like a pro. Davaenos as well performed, and kudos to Ezra Band who has chart topping single ".Walang Iba" which plummet from top 10 to 3.

Truly Davaenos is one of the toughest contender to beat. Well it's proven anyway. PGT once again siege Davao and looking for another big thing. And definitely they got it.

Skeights  the only Emo band in Davao City would probably a hit to our country once they will make it to the top 36. And Emo thing on PGt hasn't been given a chance to play live on TV. And This band was a veteran on singing emo songs which is also a hit to young avid follower of Owl City  Paramore etc.  They can sing Alternatives as well like  The Script which was shown on their PGT audition. The voice quality is is just so cool. No horrendous annoying sound that can break your ear drums- really amazing!

So guys here are  the videos.

 Thanks buddies....


You were raising a kid in a different way. And those words you thrown to him either makes him or destroys him. You threw horrendous words which affects his life terribly. You told him he is ugly fag. You told him he is not good on many ways. You told him he wasn't the best choice at all. He is a cursed of the family.

Now this boy grew up and view this world "cruel". He became abrasive and impulsive. He wasn't a robber but was being robbed. From happiness and love. He looks for love. He wished to be loved. And dreamt of being care for. Those sweet caress he has been envisioning to have, is inevitable.

He stares on beyond with tears, with hopelessness and fear. He suffers from a condition which he doesn't even know how to cope with. He wasn't even aware he was his self. He became rude on love,on reaching his dreams. But remain nothing but a wasted stuff. Depression is hovering over his whole life. A poor kid who wanted to make it in life doesn't have the chance to make it.

He is strolling with a dangling hands, and a tired feet. Tears falling. Asking where he would go?


Checking my facebook when i found these nice art from a friend. I am sure she just copy and paste it- a copy paster.. Hehehehehe.. I just wanna share it here.

When most of the time we tried to hide our faults we turned it this way.

Honestly- way back Nov. 2009 this was happened to me. I thought my world will end. I am that egg right at the back. How painful was that huh?

If  they can only say something.. You already know what it means..

This is really funny isn't it?


I could really relate on MJ song that says : what have you done to the world? It's an earth song. And it's one of the most expensive music video man ever produce in the music scene.It's smooth way of saying how drastic human being abused nature. I could think it this way.  I don't know how am I supposed to feel right now- it's a mixed emotions. Things we're flashings back and forth. Everything is just really blur in sight, I could not grasp the idea of letting it out from my battleground. Instead- it digs deeper. Crawling inside me like a worm trying to hide it's skin from the ray of sun.  I don't know if i am thinking shallow, or I just missed someone. Stress Stress Stress...

I messed up on the first glanced. I could no longer see my self as a human being who strives to make it in this world.  The Pain that i am baring right now is just overflowing. It's strife made me weaker each day. Those slashes brings me nearer to extinction. As the lullabies lilting on my ear- i felt no harmony and serene on it. It always been an annoying and hellish sounds. it carries me through deep depression.  I wasn't allowed to get tired. And see my self down. It will lead me into pit. But am seeing any light along the way. All things we're dim. All road we're growing darker and darker.

It leaves me broken. It leaves me un-fine. I Wanted to think broadly. But my days were numbered, my days were struggling to make it. I am broken. I am tired.

 This is how i feel..

Broken as this..


A stunning process of life. It's fascinating avenues, every impressive corner of it gives us more reason to crave more. Gives us more reason to stay positive- beyond the fact that we only live once. And once this life past- it'll never go back again. But some gossips we're hovering around this world of life.

It  is said that : After our death we will have another life which possibly different from what we have right now. It's either for example I am a human being today, if I will die then it's either I will become a frog, or can be a king or a prince on my next life. Well it's not bad to rely on this thing though. But we never know what's next after this. What we believed is just that we will die and faced God for the next life. I think it this way. Kids does.

I just wanna share this story of a young and old men. Their friendship. The bonding. The Love and their valuable lessons that we human being should learned from. It is written by Mitch Albom . At first I wasn't really interested on reading it- or so. But when i started to grapple it, everything turned into "a fascinating experience."  As for me " Mitch just blown me away, he gives me more reason to value life. His book is a treasure to be kept."
I stopped reading it at once just to grasp on words written by readers to expressed their truthfully engaging amazement to Mitch.

"A wonderful book, a story of the heart told by a writer with soul." - Los Angeles Times.

"An elegantly simple story about a writer getting a second chance to discover life through the death of a friend."-Tampa Tribune.

Those we're just some of millions of praises Mitch gained from writing this book. And truly- it is real. It is life.
So here is the sample of how fascinating the work of Mitch is :

It is my junior year 1978, when disco Rockey movies are cultural rage. We are in unusual sociology  class at Brandeis, something Morrie calls "Group Process". Each week we study the ways  in which the students in the group interact with one another,how they respond to anger,jealousy,attention. We are human lab rats. More often than not,someone ends up crying. I refer  to it as the "touchy feely" course. Morrie says I should be open minded.

On this day, Morrie says he has an exercise for us to try. We are to stand, facing away from our classmates,and fall backward, relying  on another student to catch us. Most of us are uncomfortable with this, and we cannot let go for  more than a few inches before stopping ourselves. We laugh in embarrassment.

Finally,one student, a thin, quiet,dark haired girl whom i noticed always wears bulky white fisherman sweaters.,crosses her arm over her chest closes her eyes, leans back, and does not flinch, like on of those Lipton tea commercials where the model splashes  into the pool.  For a moment, I am sure she is to thump on the floor. At the last instant, her assigned partner grabs her head and shoulders yanks her up harshly. "Whoa!" Several students yell.  Some clap.

Morrie finally smiles.

"You see," he says to the girl "you close your eyes. That was the difference. Sometimes you cannot believe what you see,you have to believe what you feel. And if you are ever going to have other people trust you, you must feel that you can trust them,too- even when you're in the dark. Even when you're falling. "

Thanks for the reading...


It's been a buzz here on blogosphere  about our fellow kababayans Thia Megia making it to the top 15. It's been 2 years since Fil-Am contestant graced the stage of American Idol. And it was also been a long time since Jasmine Trias made it til top 3 of the said Singing competition. It was a tough job for Thia- she had been waiting for this chance to audition, and she was lucky enough to get in.

On the other hand, American Idol had just adjust their age limit from 16 down to 15. So Thia grabbed the opportunity and there was no surprised she made it. This tiny lady if given a chance to choose great song could easily penitrate til top 5. I hope so. Crossing finger for her journey to  Hollywood.

Steven said, "Sometimes a person's pitch can be so perfect, it doesn't matter what song they sing, and you just did that. I can't believe you're 15.

Jennifer added, "It was just so beautiful, it was a quiet moment in the middle of all these very big performances to come out there, stand still, sing with no music in the beginning and just captivate every single person in this room was really really special."

And Randy closed it with a jaw dropping words- A comparison of the late Michael Jackson.

Here are some of her videos...

Enjoy guys...
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