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Timothy Jian Smithson

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You were raising a kid in a different way. And those words you thrown to him either makes him or destroys him. You threw horrendous words which affects his life terribly. You told him he is ugly fag. You told him he is not good on many ways. You told him he wasn't the best choice at all. He is a cursed of the family.

Now this boy grew up and view this world "cruel". He became abrasive and impulsive. He wasn't a robber but was being robbed. From happiness and love. He looks for love. He wished to be loved. And dreamt of being care for. Those sweet caress he has been envisioning to have, is inevitable.

He stares on beyond with tears, with hopelessness and fear. He suffers from a condition which he doesn't even know how to cope with. He wasn't even aware he was his self. He became rude on love,on reaching his dreams. But remain nothing but a wasted stuff. Depression is hovering over his whole life. A poor kid who wanted to make it in life doesn't have the chance to make it.

He is strolling with a dangling hands, and a tired feet. Tears falling. Asking where he would go?


  1. Saan kaya siya pupunta..I hope gabayan siya papunta sa tamang tuwid na landas..

  2. just let go of those pent up emotions...and slowly, the answers to your questions will unfold. Just do not resign to fate. Be the master of your life...carry on.

  3. Anonymous3/20/2011

    guidance lang katapat nyan...

  4. Arvin U. de la Peña : that must be a question

  5. Mr. G : Thanks mr. G.

  6. KikomaxXx : Thanks man..

  7. Throw your faith with those who chose to keep fighting and believing that there is goodness with humanity. :)

  8. Louie: thanksman..


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