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Centuries and centuries will come, the word  SORRY  will still exist. The evolution will happen again again, but this word will never ever changed. Its meaning and how it should be used. I can say it is a sacred word for human being who wants peace and love.

Sorry means apology. Apology means saying sincerely and accepting your faults, that you made a mistake. Many people said that saying sorry is the hardest thing to do. You need to cut or curl your pride and know the differences. For my self, i know this is hard sometimes, would be hard if i am the one  who was oppressed. To rich people it is hard because they have money, and they have lots of friends. So once they hurt you, it is okay and just left you without saying sorry. So it means, money matters. To a lawyer, saying sorry means you are a quitter. It is better to lose in a court than to say sorry.

My pride sometimes kills me and lead me to graveyard. Its emptiness cover my entire body, i am confused and broken. Another day another fight. I got hurt and hurts people too. My mind says it is unfair for me if i will let them to that. It is hard to be hurt and being left undone. Embarrassed by somebody or being told as worst person he or she ever met is such an insult. This is the scenario if you are in a mood of anger. Such gruesome to be mad always, it creates another wrinkles and another foe.

So now, i realized, how bad i am.. How terrible is my attitude. I bragged things, fight and fight. At the end, i am a loser. A great loser. The things that i have done to people were all wrong. I just realized these things so cruel. I feel i am with Ampatuan, and joining the forces of hell bitchy human who only wants is to spread their worst odor in this world. I am guilty. I feel so trash. I admit that i made a mistake. I hurt you..



For the lasts years ago, i always greet my mom with a kiss and a poem in English. During her birthdays, she always expect that i will be writing a poem for her, that talks about her life in that year. It is just really amazing to think, how happy she was, everytime she reads it. And tears starts to fall. Very bad to see her like that way, but at thesame time, atleast i made such effort to let her feel that i care and love her so much!

But the drama will be having a great twist,  yeah. Since my mom is a beautiful Filipina, i planned to make some tagalog poem. Though it was hard, but i know she will liked it much. Now, you are the first one to read it. Will share it with you, sssshhhh, she reads my blog too.  But for now, she is busy, so you got that chance of reading it first. Here we go....

                                           Tunay na Pag ibig
                                           by: tim

Kasing ganda mo ang bulaklak na pula,
Mga mata mo'y  nag niningning sa ganda;
Sapagkat sa buhay ko, ay ikaw lamang,
ang tunay na nag papaligaya.

Kung sa buhay ko'y papipiliin,
tatanggalin ang kamay sa akin,
alam ko,masakit ispin
makasama ka lamang, aking tiisin.

Ang hangad ko'y, hindi ka luluha,
Sa aking pag ibig hindi ka mag sawa,
Ang isipin mo ako ay masaya,
Pag nakikita, balingkinitan mong ganda.

O, giliw ko, ngayon, sayo ay malayo,
Damdamin ko, ay hindi susuko,
Dahilan ka, dito sa puso,
Pagkat ako lamang ang tunay mong buso.

Lumuluha man, ang mga mata,
Iniwan kita'y, hindi mo makaya,
tinitiis mo, sa lungkot at ginhawa,
Dahil hangad lamang, kinabukasa'y gumanda.

Mga kaway mo'y aking nakikita,
Ang kasabay, ay patak ng luha,
Masakit man, ang ika'y iwanan,
Dahil sa pangarap, ako ay lumisan.

Nasa puso lagi, ang iyonng habilin,
Araw at gabi, Diyos ang tawagin,
Pag hihirap ko'y, ilagay sa damdamin,
Upang sa pagsubok, may lakw kang hampasin.

Itong sulat ko'y mamamaalam na,
Mga habilin mo'y masusunod sana,
Iniisip ko, ngiti mong kay ganda,
Dahil sa akin, ito'y ligaya, sa buhay ko ikaw lamang ang nag iisa.

So this is it. Just tell me, it had been two weeks for me to made this. And i am just so happy, that slowly i know how make it. Thank you for Arvin who inspired me, in writing poem in tagalog way. And for my mom, you know that you are the most precious gem in my life.

Thank you so much for being so patient with me, my attitude and my brags. I am so happy, that you are now happy in life, though sometimes we faced some problems, but i know things will going to be okay. Thank you for your advices and care!

God bless you! And i love you so much!


Digging so much, and thinking that eveyrthing has its own proper name. So  that goes, I try to think about this issue that most of us Filipinos said that MINDANAO, is a battlefield. A place where bullets are flying here and there. From Luzon to Visayas, the verdicts were thesame. If their relatives would visit Mindanao, the words that they always said would be " take care" there are so many bandets and NPA's  who roamed around Mindanao.

I met one guy from Manila, and he's now here in Davao doing his business, I asked him about this issue that for me i hate it the most! He just laughed  at me and tell me that his mom while he was fixing his luggage going here, she always said that "hey son it is too dangerous to go to that place, please take care." When he got here, he never saw any bullets that her mom had been telling him  before.

So there is nothing to dig with in, I am not mad about this words, but the only wrong thing was people in Luzon and Visayas instilled in their mind that MINDANAO  is really a place of bullets.
How come? When we say this words, we should always think that there were place here in MINDANAO that is peaceful and livable. So we don't need to GENERALIZED everything and every place here in Mindanao, that we will say it is a battlefield. It is so damn words for us Mindanaoans reading and hearing that words from you. Let us be specific when we say War in Mindanao. Because as we all know Davao is here and so many cities who maintained there peace and continue to grow. Don't generalized everything!

Here are some facts why Mindanao is not a place of  flying bullets:

* Davao is one of the most livable city in Asia
* Peace and order is good
* Less corruptions
This 3 things will help us to be awaken, and think that we need to be SPECIFIC, in saying Mindanao is a place of flying bullets. It hurts sometimes. I would agreed if you would say, central Mindanao is facing such horrendous things now. The so called race war. These place are: Maguindanao, North Cotabato, Part of South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat. But when you generalized everything, it would be a problem. I read one magazine that tackles about the life here in Mindanao, and saying this words "MINDANAO IS DYING"  I got hurt, when i read it, it is judgemental writer and he is writing on his own beliefs and his uncertain facts about Mindanao. He said on his own words, most of the people in Mindanao are starving,poverty,malnutrition are the main problem. But when we checked  it, it is the whole Philippines, that he was trying to describe. The definition itself speaks on us. But he only focuses on Mindanao, based on what he knew, but he never ever try to checked here in Mindanao, if it is really hard. Sometimes writer writes senseless. And they are contented with it. It sucks for us Mindanaons  to read and hear it. It is not really good. We need to be observant, and learn to know more about one thing, before we say what we wanna say.

Write with a pure heart, and with truth. I would love to say that Mindanao is not  a place flying bullets, but it is a place of pure heart,boasts with its bounty harvest, less calamities and joyful part of PHILIPPINES.



I always love to be boring, because it helps me think about something that i never did before. And making my self busy so that it would be okay. While waiting for my time to go on air, i browse some videos and search some nasty things, but landed in this heart warming video of a young man, who some kinda nerd  and hoping to find some  LOVE. I enjoy it, so hope you guys will do too!


This post is for JAG ^_^

 Crazy about blogs that i found friendship awards, loyal awards etc. As i watched it, i am so happy and inspired to write and feel the essence of blogging. So I earnestly write with a heart. With feelings and not just a post for the day but a challenge, an eye opener, or somehow a lesson to be learned to anyone who faces trials or doing nasty things to anybody. I am not rude, like writing some hilarious comments about anybody, who doesn't fit in or whatever it is. It is just that i am human and i feel bad too sometimes.

In my journey in this" blogosphere" as we called it, i found many blogs that talks about life and experiences and i learned a lot from that. And that makes life cool, every step, waking up in the morning, i realized how awesome to hear the chuckle of new born babies and the birds singing. Everyday, i checked my blog and update it. Checking others too. ( though sometimes i spent hundreds of pesos, hehehehe). But honestly it is worth keeping buddy.

To JAG, i would like to say "thank you" for choosing me as one of your buddy this 2010. It is just an award, yeah it is. But i do believe that it is the thought that matters. And i appreciate it so much! Thank you once again.


As always we think that life is wonderful to live, and everyday we assumed that there can be new things to happen . We are optimistic about everything, in reality and for that we consider it as one of our  asset.  One thing that makes life worth living is " we are still alive" and we appreciate life for waking up every morning with the grace of God.

In my journey as person  there are so many things that happened, I learned to become more mature in life. It is like accepting rule in movies that would possibly changed the viewers opinion about yourself. It is the rule which every actors wished to be given to them. But somehow life is ironic. We tend to exaggerate it more and more. If  we faced challenges in life, we felt that the whole world is making fun of us. And that sucks. We have the ability to think well, and the reason why we have that challenge it is because it is necessary  for us to grow as a person.

I found out that we are so vulnerable, though we always say that we are strong as wall, but deep inside we are weak, we just pretends to be the one. It is a good action, somehow we just never deny that we also feel that we are weak. And that is the reality. So many people hoped that one day soon the will become rich and on that day they would help people who needs it. When they have what they need, or even what they wanted in life, that makes them changed.  So unreal!

Well, i maybe felt so bad about this but it is just that we need to fair enough. We don't need to be like those "botox people" who pretend that they are good samaritan, but at the end they are satans samaritan.  And that is bad.


I was browsing and searching new videos that would uplift my spirit and would makes me damn inspired again, beyond the fact that my last post was kinda disgusting. With those people who were terribly judgemental. That sucks.

But as Arvin said, it is not what they think about me, it is what i think about my self. By the way Arvin is my good friend here in blog. Yeah, and i agree with that. I am very disappointed that time, but now i know i am okay and i feel good to write again. Whenever things going wrong, i believe that it will be okay. And for that i become more optimistic.

I wouldn't stop until i could, and when love takes over i know it will be okay. I cannot blame anybody thinking that way, because i know they have their own verdict and opinion for me. Life is very ironic. When love takes over, things will be okay. To you who tell me that kind of words, it inspires me alot. It make me more submissive to prove to you that i am different. That boost my confidence and perseverance. One day soon, you will realized  that your words cannot affects me at all. To prove to you, i will go back not to take a revenge but to tell you i made it. To all of you, who challenge me, who derailed me, its gonna be a halo of your own image. Telling you this, and encouraging my self to take a great step for me. It is time to make a great decision. And forget you all.  Thank you!


I always think that i am not that good and not really able to make it .And derailing my self. Affected by what other people's verdict  about me. It sucks to feel that way, I never wished to praised but i never dream to be criticized by somebody that i know he never deserves to do so. I kept on thinking that maybe it is just a test of patience and kindness to people, on how will i mingle with others, who got some kinda hilarious attitude.

Yeah, it is good to think that there were someone else who stops you and say that you are not good enough. But i guess it is worst when they say something that would insult you so much. In a sense that they don't like you, or they felt you are just too small to handle. Then why touching me?

Yeah, telling you that you won't grow and you will remain the same as what you are right now. Telling you that " you are poor" would be an insult. Would be worst to think.  I never wished to have your opinion about my life, i am living my life with meaning.  but telling me i am insensitive about what i have been facing, is horrendous. Why don't you focus on yourself, and try to improve such areas of your life that needs attention.

It is damn thing to handle. Yeah, i might be poor, but i am billionaires at heart. I maybe don't have money or millions, but this is one thing i wanted you to know. " you need to know" THE HELL YOU CARE?"

This is my life, and I never ask your opinion for wrecking me up. I am happy, so hope you are.
Ramon, i have one thing to say to you, I never leave with your expectations. So back off!


My favorite song for now, enjoy it. It is awesome, it helps you relax.
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