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Timothy Jian Smithson

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In my journey and my observation in life....

As always we think that life is wonderful to live, and everyday we assumed that there can be new things to happen . We are optimistic about everything, in reality and for that we consider it as one of our  asset.  One thing that makes life worth living is " we are still alive" and we appreciate life for waking up every morning with the grace of God.

In my journey as person  there are so many things that happened, I learned to become more mature in life. It is like accepting rule in movies that would possibly changed the viewers opinion about yourself. It is the rule which every actors wished to be given to them. But somehow life is ironic. We tend to exaggerate it more and more. If  we faced challenges in life, we felt that the whole world is making fun of us. And that sucks. We have the ability to think well, and the reason why we have that challenge it is because it is necessary  for us to grow as a person.

I found out that we are so vulnerable, though we always say that we are strong as wall, but deep inside we are weak, we just pretends to be the one. It is a good action, somehow we just never deny that we also feel that we are weak. And that is the reality. So many people hoped that one day soon the will become rich and on that day they would help people who needs it. When they have what they need, or even what they wanted in life, that makes them changed.  So unreal!

Well, i maybe felt so bad about this but it is just that we need to fair enough. We don't need to be like those "botox people" who pretend that they are good samaritan, but at the end they are satans samaritan.  And that is bad.


  1. haha..i like the last looks like this..some pretend to be angel even if they are evil,hehe..

  2. Arvin: thank you, kaw ha pati yun binantayan mo...

  3. no can write essay title is okey..because just like a song..there is a song which have the same title..why do you remove cbox..

  4. you dont have blog list already..why remove..

  5. Amen. Pretension, some use this as for defense mechanism.

    Ei, grab your award in my site! See you!

  6. Arvin: hey there, thank you so much.. Hey i am thinking it is still bad, but it is okay now.. hehhehehehehe

  7. Jag: Wow, got new award! i love it... thank you..


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