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MINDANAO, a place of bullet?

Digging so much, and thinking that eveyrthing has its own proper name. So  that goes, I try to think about this issue that most of us Filipinos said that MINDANAO, is a battlefield. A place where bullets are flying here and there. From Luzon to Visayas, the verdicts were thesame. If their relatives would visit Mindanao, the words that they always said would be " take care" there are so many bandets and NPA's  who roamed around Mindanao.

I met one guy from Manila, and he's now here in Davao doing his business, I asked him about this issue that for me i hate it the most! He just laughed  at me and tell me that his mom while he was fixing his luggage going here, she always said that "hey son it is too dangerous to go to that place, please take care." When he got here, he never saw any bullets that her mom had been telling him  before.

So there is nothing to dig with in, I am not mad about this words, but the only wrong thing was people in Luzon and Visayas instilled in their mind that MINDANAO  is really a place of bullets.
How come? When we say this words, we should always think that there were place here in MINDANAO that is peaceful and livable. So we don't need to GENERALIZED everything and every place here in Mindanao, that we will say it is a battlefield. It is so damn words for us Mindanaoans reading and hearing that words from you. Let us be specific when we say War in Mindanao. Because as we all know Davao is here and so many cities who maintained there peace and continue to grow. Don't generalized everything!

Here are some facts why Mindanao is not a place of  flying bullets:

* Davao is one of the most livable city in Asia
* Peace and order is good
* Less corruptions
This 3 things will help us to be awaken, and think that we need to be SPECIFIC, in saying Mindanao is a place of flying bullets. It hurts sometimes. I would agreed if you would say, central Mindanao is facing such horrendous things now. The so called race war. These place are: Maguindanao, North Cotabato, Part of South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat. But when you generalized everything, it would be a problem. I read one magazine that tackles about the life here in Mindanao, and saying this words "MINDANAO IS DYING"  I got hurt, when i read it, it is judgemental writer and he is writing on his own beliefs and his uncertain facts about Mindanao. He said on his own words, most of the people in Mindanao are starving,poverty,malnutrition are the main problem. But when we checked  it, it is the whole Philippines, that he was trying to describe. The definition itself speaks on us. But he only focuses on Mindanao, based on what he knew, but he never ever try to checked here in Mindanao, if it is really hard. Sometimes writer writes senseless. And they are contented with it. It sucks for us Mindanaons  to read and hear it. It is not really good. We need to be observant, and learn to know more about one thing, before we say what we wanna say.

Write with a pure heart, and with truth. I would love to say that Mindanao is not  a place flying bullets, but it is a place of pure heart,boasts with its bounty harvest, less calamities and joyful part of PHILIPPINES.



  1. Alam mo naman media, they tend to really overreact sometimes! And when I say overreact, I mean WALANG KASING OA. Specially here in the Philippines. :|

    I've been to Davao and it's been my favorite place in the country since then. :D

  2. Pau: thank you so much. Kala ko nga if i will post this i know madami ang ayaw na makabasa nito, kasi they conclude that it is really war place yung lugar ko. And i hate kasi hindi totoo eh..

  3. good to hear that from you.. yeah, masyado kasi tayong binubugbog ng mga bad news.. na in the brighter side naman, maraming maipagmamalaki ang mindanao. especially here in Davao region.

    wake up call sana to sa iba. we're not just war. naisusulat nila mga violent reaction kasi hindi nila alam ang buong katotohanan. ikakanga, hindi naman nagbabark ang aso sa amo niya, if kilala nya ito..

    thanks for this article...

  4. Mindanao not safe place but many to offer

  5. richard: yeah, it is, and i really get mad to those people who thinks Mindanao is a bad place, it sucks for them who never know the real story!

  6. Pretsel Maker: how many times do i need to post this and you will read it, for you to understand the real story about Mindanao. Hey, i guess you just comment without reading this. You have to specifi, which part of Mindanao is that?

  7. :)

    Thats where the problem lies, insincere write ups and when it deals with blemishing images, it pains big time.

    Great that you have put some great info about the place.

    Besties !!!

  8. youve got a god point in your article..:)

    anyway..i have been following your blog now..i hope you would also :3

    im so happy you like animes too..:P

  9. basta ang masabi ko lang di lahat ng lugar sa mindanao ay delikado..magiging delikado lang kapag bawat lugar sa mindanao ay may tao na katulad ang pag uugali ng mga ampatuan na sangkot sa maguindanao massacre,,hehe..

  10. Uu nga grabe ang negative propaganda... jejejejejejeje

  11. I feel sorry for that stereotype, and I feel sorry for people who cannot see the beauty of Mindanao for they were beclouded by fear. I love Davao! Proud to be Minadanaowon.

  12. Tulika: thank you for appreciating it.. hope you are safe! God bless you!

  13. Ayu: hello, i will follow you, no problem..

  14. Arvin: yes, and i am happy to hear that from you pare!

  15. I am Xprosaic: hello, hows you? taga davao kasi ako, and ayaoko nmn ganun sabihin nila. how about you.

  16. Jag: hey jag, welcome back!


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