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I maybe not rich but...

I always think that i am not that good and not really able to make it .And derailing my self. Affected by what other people's verdict  about me. It sucks to feel that way, I never wished to praised but i never dream to be criticized by somebody that i know he never deserves to do so. I kept on thinking that maybe it is just a test of patience and kindness to people, on how will i mingle with others, who got some kinda hilarious attitude.

Yeah, it is good to think that there were someone else who stops you and say that you are not good enough. But i guess it is worst when they say something that would insult you so much. In a sense that they don't like you, or they felt you are just too small to handle. Then why touching me?

Yeah, telling you that you won't grow and you will remain the same as what you are right now. Telling you that " you are poor" would be an insult. Would be worst to think.  I never wished to have your opinion about my life, i am living my life with meaning.  but telling me i am insensitive about what i have been facing, is horrendous. Why don't you focus on yourself, and try to improve such areas of your life that needs attention.

It is damn thing to handle. Yeah, i might be poor, but i am billionaires at heart. I maybe don't have money or millions, but this is one thing i wanted you to know. " you need to know" THE HELL YOU CARE?"

This is my life, and I never ask your opinion for wrecking me up. I am happy, so hope you are.
Ramon, i have one thing to say to you, I never leave with your expectations. So back off!


  1. as long as you live alright it is enough..

  2. accept what life of yours it is..

  3. Arvin: yeah and that is true. thank you buddy.


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