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Undecided 2010....

It is really hot in here.. Really hot..Not with those hot guys  and girls this summer, but  because of everything that happens in our country today. ELECTION CAMPAIGN..

According to Pulse Asia: Filipinos find it hard to choose the right person to be elected because of this numerous fights, undying issues and  saliva killings..
 January : 3  %
February : 6 %
March     : 9 %
This is the percentage that Pulse Asia released. And it shown here that most of the  Filipinos were undecided, not to vote or refused, this is due to the highly camera trick attitude and issues of  those people who run for their wealth and not for this country!!!

And i am talking about politics.. whoa, eyes were open i guess. I know it is. We all know that it is just weeks ahead and we will gonna choose our new president,vice president,senators,and more... Nerve wracking when we look at the next page, what would be is the ending of this, is it another lies and corruptions?Another blood spoiled in the ground. Or another " PEOPLE POWER"... Really bad to think it if is, faith and prayers counts a lot. Intrigues and those boos that we heard from each of our presidentiables, banging around, throwing those nasty jest that would shook this little archipelago.

How then is an educated man? This is my big and bolder question to those politicians who run, and aiming to win. Until now, it is remain uncertain.. And i don't know if it will remain thesame forever. Hope it won't.. News have been teaching us and giving great ideas whom are we going to choose to lead this nation with courage,love,integrity,loyalty, and faith in God, so on and so for..

Are you confused, and tired with their bizarre contentions?  The time run so fast, but our memories remained undecided, empty and worried. Admittedly i am worried about this matter.. To think that, politician only aims  good and healthy election, so shall it be. We are fighting for our future, for the next generation, and hoping to have a wonderful life, that even our great great grand fathers aimed it decades ago. If you believe we still have the reason to live and let this nation emerged and succeed, then we all know what to do. To vote- but this precious letters we are writing would definitely  lead us into success or failure. Great chances happened once, but when we choose to let that chance happened but the result is a great  CHANGE then we will choose the right one. Each of us have this so called  "chicken". And hope this chicken will lead its chicks really good and prosper!

"People don't know how much you know, until they know how much you care."


  1. still undecided too. Done the research and all pero parang may kulang pa rin, lahat my flaws and cons. Still have time pa nmn hehe! ;)

  2. We also have this Problem in Ireland trying to Decide who to Vote for they are Mostly All the Same and only think of themselves sometimes politicians have good intentions until they are elected then everything changes .Tim about your Profile in the Contact section of your Blogger Profile there is a link to your Webpage this link points to a Video but the Video is No longer Available you should change this by checking the links on your profile to see if they all work.

  3. baka kay noynoy na lang ako..basta nalilito pa ako..ang vice president ko sure na kay binay..

  4. nakakalito kasi ang daming pagpipilian...........dapat sana dalawa lang..

  5. mishi: hehehehe, tama ka talaga...

  6. Roezer: wow, this is everywhere.. a phenomenon in politics..

    By the way thank you for teaching me about it, i will try to find it.. not that good in this way...

  7. arvin: cge ikaw bahala parekoy.. hehehehe

  8. we love last minute shopping, and also means we love last minute decisions when it comes to voting......

  9. pusang kalye: tama ka talaga sa sinabi mo!

  10. Anonymous4/14/2010

    better than your cute.. baby stuff.

  11. I hate talking about politics because when I start to, I cannot help but curse in my mind and type like a monster. I think politics here in the Philippines is as crappy as my toilet bowl.. after I pooped on it.

    I did not register because I didn't think I had the reason to. Anyone can preach about my right to select a leader or whatever. Most of our people are stupid enough to vote only for those who have enough TV ads. So yeah, I though I would rather rest than spend an hour or two trying to get registered.

    Hi Tim :D Sorry my first comment on your site sounded so angsty. :p

  12. ako dati meron na tas biglang naging undecided na. meron na akong sure na vice pres at congressman. yung sa senators binubuo ko pa lang. hehehe

    pero definitely bubuto ako, kahit anong mangyari.


  13. Hayz... naku para sa akin hopeless case pa talaga... sa mga tatakbo ala akong mapili... hahayz....

  14. so do you know who you're voting for already? yeah, youre right, theres so much mudslinging going on its hard to believe who's really telling the truth and who's not..

    btw, in what station do you DJ in davao? i'm a DJ myself here in Cebu. great post!


  15. Nadiye: lol, thank you!

  16. Vajarl: yeah, i got your point here.. Anyway, regarding my that angsty comment, it is okay.. i understand we all know, these issues that we have been facing now "politics" is one of the most talk of the town.

    so i understand it..

  17. I am Xprosaic: tama ka talaga.. ako nga din..

  18. Eden: i really don't know who, i am confused and undecided..

    yup am a dj here in davao..

  19. hitokirihoshi_kawaii: galing, sana mabuo mo na yan..

  20. oo at iniisip ko pa nga kung ire-reveal ko alin man sa blogs ko. pero malamang hindi na rin. hehehe

    tamang ako na lang. baka makatanggap pa ako ng sandamakmak na bookmarks, pamaypay, payong at bultong calendars. hehehe

  21. aw thanks for your comment, hope you are good too.
    and yes, my family is originally from the philippines.

  22. Audrey Allure: you are welcome!!
    that is cool.. proud to be a filipino!

  23. hmmm siguro nga...but i still like Gibo hahahaha...sayang di ako makakaboto...

  24. Sendo: thesame pla tayo parekoy...

  25. alam ko na sino boboto ko kaso pagdating sa vice mayor at councilor wala kong kilala. hehe!
    narinig ko lang to kanina "Evil will try if good people will do nothing." sana lang bumoto tayong lahat na naaayon sa sarili nating pananaw at hindi sa sinasabi ng iba.


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