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I met so many youth, many friends and people who lived in this world. Happy, vibrant spirit. I asked them about their lives, and about their journey in this world. They said that it is good, some said it is wonderful, they're happy and enjoying everyday of their lives.  That is awesome to know that they are happy.

But it came to a point that, i need to ask about the situation of the earth right now. I am tasked to do it. I am afraid to asked, not because they might be mad at me, but i might be surprised with their own answers and how would that answers affects me so much. Hey, not sentimental at all. But it would be damn thing for me to hear negativity and stupid answers. Infact we already know what is happening to this earth, and we are just fool, blind and deaf to take action, for saving and preventing any catastrophes to come. I am not wrong, it triggers stupidity and numbness in this world.

Some answered that, they care about nature and they are following the rules by not throwing garbage anywhere, it is awesome to know. Youth are now aware.On that survey, we found out that out 100 students, only 10% of them know how to take care about nature and an advocate of Global Warming.
So sad to know the fact that we are now in the middle of chaos, if we cannot reduce the CARBON EMISSION, all of us will DIE.

Where is the LOVE  for the earth now?  Please be aware! It is time to make a step!


PEACE, FREEDOM,JUSTICE- These are the things that we demand,we demand for us to be free, we demand for us to have freedom to speak and to live peacefully. But in letting go to what had happen to people who aims to let their voice be heard and let the truth prevails, is nothing but PAIN.

There are no others words to explain this tragedy and to define this! Than  EXTREMELY GRUESOME!!
People mourn, and struggling to survive while letting their  emotions to be in control, upon watching the hilarious happening  and watching those rotten cadaver of their love ones lying on the ground.

Bruise, headless, mutilated body, crashed faces, broken ribs, raped and most of all buried with out coffin.

Dream of becoming a great journalist, is the most wonderful thing that i wished to happen to my life. Or i would love to say this is my creme de la creme job. To write with justice and prevailing the real truth would be my main concern. Yeah, like those great journalists of the world who are willing to die just to fight for the truth, and that is an award winning performance for them, and i salute them so much. We can consider and document the killings of journalists once every year, but somehow it is still unfair for them to be treated like that,who only aims to let the truth prevails. It is the saddest truth for Media. But watching this violent killing of 50 plus(and still on search for others) people including 21 media men is such horrendous! Horrifying and grody experienced, we wished that young ones never witness this hilarious things.

Some questions formulates, and fear hover my entire body, while realizing that my dream is such important matter for me. But what about this spontaneous killings of journalist? I am worried that somehow, the truth that i would be fighting would lead me to grave. That would be bad for my family, like those people who wait long hours just to get and see their love ones who were now dead. Well God Almighty is great, he knows best for me! In grief and tears are falling. Some of them didn't resist to watch armies carrying those dead bodies that smells bad already. My self as an aspirant journalist, remain strong while my heart broke. Though i don't know this people, but name as a Media, it feels bad.
Now fear coats the world of Journalism, and i believe that most of them  think of changing their career. But i know beyond that, the spirit of journalism will still reign. There would be another great justice to come!

This MAGUINDANAO MASSACRE, reminds people how wonderful to be a journalist! It is not about fearing the danger that is waiting for you, everytime you cover every strories and big moments that the world has, but the eagerness in your hurt to find the real and let the truth prevails. Is such great and award winning!



Actually, I have been roaming around for the whole week. Somehow in that journey, i found some wonderful lessons about life. I know that life is mysterious lots and lots of people know it is. We even think about what will happen tomorrow or even later after writing this post. This few were includes in all pages that life have prepared for us. Oh, some strange feelings..

I have been living in this world for 19 strong years, with the lessons that i learned is good enough. But somehow to continue this journey i need to know more about  life.  Let's keep on learning buddy!

LOVE is in the air, my friends had been asking me  about the situation of my dear baby, she turned 8 months weeks ago. It is a great experience for me being called "dad" and watching her sleeping with a little cute snore. Wow, this is what we called life. I know when she will be going to school soon it would be another problem for me, the tuition fees,baon of course, her college education what about that. Well it's all in the bag. I am just 18 year old when i receive her as a great gift from God. From then, i never consider my self as young  and teenager. Instead I learned to be matured and be responsible for this gift that i received. Kinda hard, I can't deny the fact that i am too young of having a baby, yet i never blame my self nor her why did she allow it to happen. Because i know this is a gift from Him, I just need to take care of this and make her a good and responsible person in this whole wide world. (See, I am slowly getting older, not on my age huh, its on  experience)..

FRIENDSHIP  is greater than what i think, while i am in the middle of this little journey  i found some amazing things about life. Becky Belo, has her huge and famous tag line "only Belo touches my skin, who touches yours?". I just realized why did she wanted that tag line? Kinda irritating to her competitor huh. what do you think about Calayan? but i learned that in making tag lines, it reflects how would you manage and deal challenges and obstruction that would mold you to become a better person. Having a tag line helps me to become strong in facing the world and the new world with my baby girl. My friends helped me, young and mature. The first time that i heard my baby cryin' at night it was so disappointing, i wanna sleep and let her cry and cry until she will gonna be tired of doing it. But, hey i can't dare it. I grab her and put it on my lap,  and give her milk.  It is amazing thing, the time that i grab her she really cries, annoying and bad to hear. Gosh! but i noticed  her after that she just smile at me and slept. Wow, this is what we called life. Everytime i felt tired and wasted, i think about her smile and how did she makes me responsible. Even my friends noticed this trait that my little ANGEL has. Thanks God for giving me this blessing. It helps me a lot!

Now, when somebody asked me, I never pretend nor lie that i am single anymore. Some disagree and shocked, some of them sends their hugs and kisses to my baby.  In living my daily life, i believe change is happening: in my self, and in my life as a young daddy in town.

This is what we called LIFE!


I can't write! I am empty minded! I am sorry!


While a man was polishing his new car,
his 4 year old son pick up stone and scratched
on the side of the car.

The  man took the hands of the child and hit it many times.
Not realizing he was using a wrench.
At the hospital, the child lost all his fingers due to multiple fractures.
When the child saw his father, with painful eyes he asked:

Dad when would be my fingers grow back?
the man was so hurt and speechless!
He went back to his car and hit it many times.
Devastated by his actions, sitting in front of his car
he looked at the scratches the child had written.


The next day the man suicide..


Anger and Love has no limits
choose the latter to have a beautiful life.
Things are to be used and people are to be loved.
But the problem in today's world is that,
people are used and things are loved.
During this year, let us be careful to keep this thought in MIND  and  HEART!


Just listen to what is the message of this song and that is what i feel right now. i don't know, i am sorry guys, just that i don't know how to handle the feelings that i have inside. It is too hard to think that making a step for a brighter future is too hard to do.

It is unbelievable  to think how LOVE  heals the broken heart, and lift up the spirit with joy and gladness. I can't help, but breakdown and cry, unbelievable to think how LOVE  feels life heaven.

To finally be IN LOVE,  i now know what  LOVE  means. It is with out selfishness and ego. Willing to accept everything even though it is hard, but since you LOVE  somebody  it is gonna be okay. Even you are left undone still LOVE conquers all.

What is LOVE,  and why people die for it?

What is LOVE , and why people look for it?

What is LOVE,  and why people hate it?

What is  LOVE, and why people have been crazy?

Once again, life would teach you the  REAL LOVE. Because life is love.


The pageant with a cause. Unlike any other pageant, this pageant is promoting  ECO ADVENTURE, GLOBAL WARMING    and YOUTH EMPOWERMENT,  these are the 3 main advocacy why we come up with this pageant. One way of helping people to be aware about what the earth has been facing now. the pageant tackles about the environmental issues, holocaust and educating people about climate changes. we are now starting  in Davao city, and hope by next year it would be whole MINDANAO  and our country as well.

Because where you are, would always  be the starting point of everything that would happen to the world. By this campaign we wanted to be and eye opener to people for this main and great environmental issues that the world is facing now. Let us not be deaf nor be blind, because we  know what will happen once we are not gonna be aware of this matter.

As you watch this video, hope you will be uplift. Helping mother earth is always a great task to do, for it will help us making this world a place to live and not a place that will end to the soonest.



i just realized how wonderful the world, when my baby turned 8monhts this day. It is such awesome to feel. watching her learning everything, biting the little amount of hotdog, and observing her to slowly making a great move, a step that would help her know how wonderful the life. Observing her to make it sure that she can stand well, while her left or right hand is grasping the wall, for her to have the foundation is such a great thing to have. When she cries, i know she is hungry, when she smile and chuckle i know she is happy. A little life, that starts in a never wished dream to have, a story that never been told. The word CURSE,  somehow drag her way out, but since she is planned and the great purpose of God to let her alive. Discrimination was the memories, that helps me to have a strenght to make it, and encourages me to make something better.

Waking up every morning, and realized how beautiful the life beyond those challenges that we faced, is perfectly  wish of every people  who dream to have it. Every time i put her on a crib she laughs, i wonder why. But when i realized that  somehow, she is happy to be there not because she can move and crawl, because when she is in my hand, she cannot do any movements because i use to stop her. She is happy because, she can learned more on how to stand and learned to step. A step of growing up, with courage and dedication to learned every tricks to stand and move well. I might be too young to have a baby, but being responsible single dad, is very good to think. I know everything because of her. She helped me open up my eyes and be the best as i can be.

My baby, is a blessing, she is not a cursed one. She is my angel that God have given to me. Her smile heals the pain and helped the world know, that life is great.  I love you Shey!


1.)So many people LOVE to express their feelings, to share what they had learned and somehow they became a
teacher of different fields of life. This is life. A reason to live is love.  To express of what is inside of you is awesome, might be you will do it in the internet,writing books, news papers,vandalism is also way of expressing your self, and this way as well blog.

I just wanna share my great appreciation about internet, it taught me to many things, like current events, people who i never know before, through internet it gives me the way of  knowing them, even though they don't know me yet. But it is gonna be okay. That is what we called, TWITTER. You are following their moves every seconds or what so ever. It helps me finds great solutions about the problem that i never found the answer before, researching and ofcourse the entertainment itself,  Youtube and more. I just remember my last previous posts it is being addicted to internet capabilities. YOUTWITFACE  is the title of it.

Internet is good, it gives you great informations about the whole universe in its own packages. The knowledge that i have about this word INTERNET  is really too small, compared to what other people can do.  To tell you honestly, i don't know who to play  DOTA,COUNTER STRIKE,RF, CABAL ONLINE  this are just 4 of the games which most of people  love. (Note: i just asked my friend, i don't know this at all.)
So i can consider my self as one of the person who faced TECHNOLOGICAL CRISIS. I am sorry, i just forget the term of it, but pretty sure it is near to that.

So the blog is my favorite thing to do, during my free time, like to what other blogger have been doing, i love to write, and to express my feelings. It is about being aware of what other people feel about you, and likewise in the same way. Now, its been a long time, since i started to write here in this blogosphere. It helps me to release what is inside of  me and gives me good reason to live. I got hurt, and i bounce back. I failed or prevail, blog knows everything. But one thing that i noticed,to most of the blogger they gave a GREAT SHIT,  on what they were writing. Dis respect and somehow giving nasty comments. I explore, and checking good blogs,by reading it,it helps a lot. It gives me great emotion to write more and more, to  give informations and sharing stories for people who were looking for it. Might be not you, you can reject this topic, but what about those people who is willing to give and spare time just to read it. I guess i would be more happier! Sometimes, i think i am different. Not because i am not really use to hooked with technology but somehow  i have the different perception in everything that i do.Posting for your self,because you wanna be heard, with out concern to people who will might read it and end their life would be possible. Sex and all the stuff like posting videos, it shows that you yourself was promoting PORNOGRAPHY! Try to discipline yourself and be aware of what you were doing. don't make this blog as a place of exploitation. respect other reader and user of it.

Wait for the next pls...
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