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MAGUINDANAO MASSACRE- take a look on what is MEDIA...


PEACE, FREEDOM,JUSTICE- These are the things that we demand,we demand for us to be free, we demand for us to have freedom to speak and to live peacefully. But in letting go to what had happen to people who aims to let their voice be heard and let the truth prevails, is nothing but PAIN.

There are no others words to explain this tragedy and to define this! Than  EXTREMELY GRUESOME!!
People mourn, and struggling to survive while letting their  emotions to be in control, upon watching the hilarious happening  and watching those rotten cadaver of their love ones lying on the ground.

Bruise, headless, mutilated body, crashed faces, broken ribs, raped and most of all buried with out coffin.

Dream of becoming a great journalist, is the most wonderful thing that i wished to happen to my life. Or i would love to say this is my creme de la creme job. To write with justice and prevailing the real truth would be my main concern. Yeah, like those great journalists of the world who are willing to die just to fight for the truth, and that is an award winning performance for them, and i salute them so much. We can consider and document the killings of journalists once every year, but somehow it is still unfair for them to be treated like that,who only aims to let the truth prevails. It is the saddest truth for Media. But watching this violent killing of 50 plus(and still on search for others) people including 21 media men is such horrendous! Horrifying and grody experienced, we wished that young ones never witness this hilarious things.

Some questions formulates, and fear hover my entire body, while realizing that my dream is such important matter for me. But what about this spontaneous killings of journalist? I am worried that somehow, the truth that i would be fighting would lead me to grave. That would be bad for my family, like those people who wait long hours just to get and see their love ones who were now dead. Well God Almighty is great, he knows best for me! In grief and tears are falling. Some of them didn't resist to watch armies carrying those dead bodies that smells bad already. My self as an aspirant journalist, remain strong while my heart broke. Though i don't know this people, but name as a Media, it feels bad.
Now fear coats the world of Journalism, and i believe that most of them  think of changing their career. But i know beyond that, the spirit of journalism will still reign. There would be another great justice to come!

This MAGUINDANAO MASSACRE, reminds people how wonderful to be a journalist! It is not about fearing the danger that is waiting for you, everytime you cover every strories and big moments that the world has, but the eagerness in your hurt to find the real and let the truth prevails. Is such great and award winning!



  1. dirty politics..thats all about..the reason behind that is politics..

  2. masalimuot talaga ang buhay politika d2 sa bansa natin... pati walang mga kamalay-malay nadadamay sa awayan ng mga politikong hayok sa kapangyarihan.

    kelan kaya natin makakamtan ang tunay na kapayapaan?

  3. the ampatuans may have a private army. true. but think about this. they've had that and they've been the winning politicians there since the regime of Cory. So does this mean that the late Cory, the living Ramos and Erap must also be held accountable for a so-called affiliation? also, think about this: if you've been winning in the past elections for allegedly cheating, why would you resort to morale sabotage by means of massacre when you can always just cheat? that's stupid -- to kill journalists whom you know did logs on their respective offices' official business logbooks. and it's weird that the vice mayor of the slain wife does not show remorse on TV. And his interview statement on TV was his wife and wife's sister" liberated Maguindanao. Why the political obsession and not the grief? This is exactly how the communists put the blame on Marcos for allegedly bombing Plaza Miranda where Ninoy mysteriously was not present. Why would one sabotage one's self that way? ... unless another sector of society did the killing and not the obvious ones. Think about it.

  4. nalulungkot ako... nagsasawa na rin ako. ibalik ang death penalty!

  5. Arvin- there is always another great morning and i truely believe, it will come..

  6. feil-kun: that is true, since you ask me, when would be the great change would happen, it will always happen, that is if we decided to be. but since we always toe and not the head just so sad feil-kun, we cannot make it as soon as we wanted it to happen. But somehow, having another president in this republic is not really a great solution, why? it is because this country had been damaged, by those past presidents. And if we wished changes to happen it is by our selves, having a great decision and not having new president. That after all, we will still blame him/her why is it happening. Yet we need the head to see what is beyond and forward. Hope the changes happens to us, not to the president alone.

  7. coco: yeah, it is too difficult for us, to point them and let them admit about their mistakes, we know that they were known and rich. Philippines is one of the most bribery cases happens. So we could just realized how this things goin on.

  8. That's really messed up!

  9. Good day! I am Astrid Abesamis, Communication Arts graduating student from the University of Santo Tomas. Our thesis group would like to ask for your help by answering our survey about blogging. Can I ask for your email address so that I can email the survey questionnaire? We hope for your response. Thank you so much! God bless!

  10. Ast Abe: sure no problem...

  11. All we want is justice for the victims. Let's just pray for them.

  12. So sad sa mga nangyayari sa Pilipinas because of Politics....

  13. Rocky- that is true..

  14. Mangyan Adenture: well we can make a change that is if we wanted to.

  15. Thank you so much for responding.. I already emailed the survey questions.. Thank you very much! We really appreciate your participation and help.. Thank you again! Good day!

  16. dapat lang na ibitin ng patiwarik ang may kagagawan nito, pahirapan din ng husto bago tadtarin ng pinong-pino saka i flush sa inidoro.

  17. Alkapon- halatang halata n galit ka talaga.. yeah, kung sa atin lng sana ang batas..

  18. sad...

    sana ay mangibabaw ang katarungan sa karumal dumal na pangyayaring ito.

    tim, sorry for late reply, are free to use my work. tnx


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