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1.)So many people LOVE to express their feelings, to share what they had learned and somehow they became a
teacher of different fields of life. This is life. A reason to live is love.  To express of what is inside of you is awesome, might be you will do it in the internet,writing books, news papers,vandalism is also way of expressing your self, and this way as well blog.

I just wanna share my great appreciation about internet, it taught me to many things, like current events, people who i never know before, through internet it gives me the way of  knowing them, even though they don't know me yet. But it is gonna be okay. That is what we called, TWITTER. You are following their moves every seconds or what so ever. It helps me finds great solutions about the problem that i never found the answer before, researching and ofcourse the entertainment itself,  Youtube and more. I just remember my last previous posts it is being addicted to internet capabilities. YOUTWITFACE  is the title of it.

Internet is good, it gives you great informations about the whole universe in its own packages. The knowledge that i have about this word INTERNET  is really too small, compared to what other people can do.  To tell you honestly, i don't know who to play  DOTA,COUNTER STRIKE,RF, CABAL ONLINE  this are just 4 of the games which most of people  love. (Note: i just asked my friend, i don't know this at all.)
So i can consider my self as one of the person who faced TECHNOLOGICAL CRISIS. I am sorry, i just forget the term of it, but pretty sure it is near to that.

So the blog is my favorite thing to do, during my free time, like to what other blogger have been doing, i love to write, and to express my feelings. It is about being aware of what other people feel about you, and likewise in the same way. Now, its been a long time, since i started to write here in this blogosphere. It helps me to release what is inside of  me and gives me good reason to live. I got hurt, and i bounce back. I failed or prevail, blog knows everything. But one thing that i noticed,to most of the blogger they gave a GREAT SHIT,  on what they were writing. Dis respect and somehow giving nasty comments. I explore, and checking good blogs,by reading it,it helps a lot. It gives me great emotion to write more and more, to  give informations and sharing stories for people who were looking for it. Might be not you, you can reject this topic, but what about those people who is willing to give and spare time just to read it. I guess i would be more happier! Sometimes, i think i am different. Not because i am not really use to hooked with technology but somehow  i have the different perception in everything that i do.Posting for your self,because you wanna be heard, with out concern to people who will might read it and end their life would be possible. Sex and all the stuff like posting videos, it shows that you yourself was promoting PORNOGRAPHY! Try to discipline yourself and be aware of what you were doing. don't make this blog as a place of exploitation. respect other reader and user of it.

Wait for the next pls...


  1. Thanks for the visit and the comment....

  2. Kathy- you are always welcome kathy...

  3. I love internet too! I can connect with my long lost friends around the world...
    Aside from that I can express my thoughts and feelings through blogging ^_^

  4. Meryl- thanks meryl, and i am happy for you!!!

  5. i feel exactly the same way about writing (blogging for this matter) --it's kind of a relief for me. :P

  6. paddylast- it is awesome to write blog. i love it so much..


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