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This is what we called LIFE....

Actually, I have been roaming around for the whole week. Somehow in that journey, i found some wonderful lessons about life. I know that life is mysterious lots and lots of people know it is. We even think about what will happen tomorrow or even later after writing this post. This few were includes in all pages that life have prepared for us. Oh, some strange feelings..

I have been living in this world for 19 strong years, with the lessons that i learned is good enough. But somehow to continue this journey i need to know more about  life.  Let's keep on learning buddy!

LOVE is in the air, my friends had been asking me  about the situation of my dear baby, she turned 8 months weeks ago. It is a great experience for me being called "dad" and watching her sleeping with a little cute snore. Wow, this is what we called life. I know when she will be going to school soon it would be another problem for me, the tuition fees,baon of course, her college education what about that. Well it's all in the bag. I am just 18 year old when i receive her as a great gift from God. From then, i never consider my self as young  and teenager. Instead I learned to be matured and be responsible for this gift that i received. Kinda hard, I can't deny the fact that i am too young of having a baby, yet i never blame my self nor her why did she allow it to happen. Because i know this is a gift from Him, I just need to take care of this and make her a good and responsible person in this whole wide world. (See, I am slowly getting older, not on my age huh, its on  experience)..

FRIENDSHIP  is greater than what i think, while i am in the middle of this little journey  i found some amazing things about life. Becky Belo, has her huge and famous tag line "only Belo touches my skin, who touches yours?". I just realized why did she wanted that tag line? Kinda irritating to her competitor huh. what do you think about Calayan? but i learned that in making tag lines, it reflects how would you manage and deal challenges and obstruction that would mold you to become a better person. Having a tag line helps me to become strong in facing the world and the new world with my baby girl. My friends helped me, young and mature. The first time that i heard my baby cryin' at night it was so disappointing, i wanna sleep and let her cry and cry until she will gonna be tired of doing it. But, hey i can't dare it. I grab her and put it on my lap,  and give her milk.  It is amazing thing, the time that i grab her she really cries, annoying and bad to hear. Gosh! but i noticed  her after that she just smile at me and slept. Wow, this is what we called life. Everytime i felt tired and wasted, i think about her smile and how did she makes me responsible. Even my friends noticed this trait that my little ANGEL has. Thanks God for giving me this blessing. It helps me a lot!

Now, when somebody asked me, I never pretend nor lie that i am single anymore. Some disagree and shocked, some of them sends their hugs and kisses to my baby.  In living my daily life, i believe change is happening: in my self, and in my life as a young daddy in town.

This is what we called LIFE!


  1. Friendships are very very important in life. I'm truly blessed to have the friends that I do!

  2. Being a dad is a blessing! Mabuhay ang mga Daddy!

  3. Michael Rivers- yeah, that is really true.. thank you!

  4. chingoy- it is really awesome!

  5. talagang ganun ang buhay..that's life..

  6. Arvin- yeah.. mysterious..

  7. Naks! great thing you preferred to be the responsible dad rather than others who well... nevermind... jejejejejeje... at least we're certain that you already have the inspiration to go on with this thing called life... jijijijiji

  8. the first time i heard my nephew Ethan laugh, it was so magical...

    the first time i heard my nephew Sebastian laugh, it was as magical as the first....

    the first time i heard my niece Yzanikka laugh, it was so magical i cried...

    they are my constant source of happiness.....

    you seem to have the makings of a great dad.... enjoy fatherhood.....


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