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EARTH- let us show our LOVE.....


I met so many youth, many friends and people who lived in this world. Happy, vibrant spirit. I asked them about their lives, and about their journey in this world. They said that it is good, some said it is wonderful, they're happy and enjoying everyday of their lives.  That is awesome to know that they are happy.

But it came to a point that, i need to ask about the situation of the earth right now. I am tasked to do it. I am afraid to asked, not because they might be mad at me, but i might be surprised with their own answers and how would that answers affects me so much. Hey, not sentimental at all. But it would be damn thing for me to hear negativity and stupid answers. Infact we already know what is happening to this earth, and we are just fool, blind and deaf to take action, for saving and preventing any catastrophes to come. I am not wrong, it triggers stupidity and numbness in this world.

Some answered that, they care about nature and they are following the rules by not throwing garbage anywhere, it is awesome to know. Youth are now aware.On that survey, we found out that out 100 students, only 10% of them know how to take care about nature and an advocate of Global Warming.
So sad to know the fact that we are now in the middle of chaos, if we cannot reduce the CARBON EMISSION, all of us will DIE.

Where is the LOVE  for the earth now?  Please be aware! It is time to make a step!


  1. Each of us can do something for planet earth. No matter how simple the act, it will surely help.

    For blogging on climate change, you are already doing your part...God bless

  2. amen! i mean i concur..

  3. Glampinoy- thank you so much!

  4. Alkapon- thank you...

  5. Chingoy: thank you ching...

  6. Ganun naman talaga e...

    Lahat tayo may kanya kanyang pamamaraan to help our planet earth!

  7. Mangyan: yeah it is true. but making a step is really hard to do, we have different way of helping mother earth. But the big question is: are we doing it now?

  8. by simply doing good to our invironment it means we love our earth..pero sa kasalukuyan ay parang wala na yatang pagmamahal sa earth..hehe..

  9. we have to do our part to save our planet.

    i like the first photo..


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