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MASTURBATION- good or bad?

We know that masturbation is one of the best thing to tackle. Admittedly I myself was executing it.
This topic, it is just a fruit of my stress mind who keeps on telling me why things happen in a way that we sometimes doesn't want it to be. We make things and become a habit, if we cannot control our feeling there are possibilities it will become a huge problem for us to be solved. So this stress mind see the masturbation in a different way. (I am sorry)...

We had a great meeting with my co-producers about our shows and all the stuff, when the doctor came in, we talked seriously about those issues that she will gonna be tackling on her show. And again my stress mind asked her if the masturbation is good for health or not. Well I am still young, so it is just easy to me to tell her about it.

She never felt any awkwardness of telling me that it is not a problem, instead it has a big space and character that is playing in our life. Wow! But i asked her, if  this would affect our daily life if we will always doing it everyday. The beautiful Dr. just said it is not, but it must be with a great control. According to the research  of students including me, your servant, 97% of male age 13 to 25 were masturbating everyday. (single/widower) or even married man do. And 13% of female do masturbation everyday. regardless if she is married of single.

I therefore conclude that masturbation is not a  problem. It will only become problem if masturbation will control you. So that means you lose control of it. Masturbation help released stress, and anxiety. It helps you relax and satisfied, this is safer than sex, from virus and any  diseases that we might get from sexual intercourse.

One thing to learned is, everything is always an asset in life.  It help us to be alive. Control is always the major thing to do.  And don't let anything will control your life. For this would cause problem.


  1. I suddenly remembered how I wrote a paper on Masturbation for my Religion 4 class in college, and spent an hour in front of the class defending Masturbation.

  2. for me masturbation is good and bad..good because it can relax us..bad if do it always..but it is good even everyday as long is the one who masturbate me is a girl..hehe..makapunta nga uli ng night club...

  3. Glentot- yeah, something that is a gift from God.

  4. Arvin- wow, that would be awesome.... hehehe, enjoy it.. tell me after.

  5. ay sori..wala akong idea dito hehe =)
    tanong ko nga sa asawa ko mamaya ....

  6. Meryl- hehehe, yeah kaya mababa lng ang porsyento ng mga babae..

  7. Masturbation is good! :)

  8. Knoxxy- yeah it is, but somehow let us control it.. hehehehe

  9. hahaha. restraint is difficult dude.

  10. it's always good! :p

  11. Hermit The Frog- i guess it is.. hahaha

  12. SOIBEANS- okay, now i will say you all winners.. hehehehe

  13. Hi, nice blog I like it.. Thanks for commentating in my blog Louvor a Deus.
    Nice to meet you!!! Visiting with a kissed and Smile!!


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