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Just listen to what is the message of this song and that is what i feel right now. i don't know, i am sorry guys, just that i don't know how to handle the feelings that i have inside. It is too hard to think that making a step for a brighter future is too hard to do.

It is unbelievable  to think how LOVE  heals the broken heart, and lift up the spirit with joy and gladness. I can't help, but breakdown and cry, unbelievable to think how LOVE  feels life heaven.

To finally be IN LOVE,  i now know what  LOVE  means. It is with out selfishness and ego. Willing to accept everything even though it is hard, but since you LOVE  somebody  it is gonna be okay. Even you are left undone still LOVE conquers all.

What is LOVE,  and why people die for it?

What is LOVE , and why people look for it?

What is LOVE,  and why people hate it?

What is  LOVE, and why people have been crazy?

Once again, life would teach you the  REAL LOVE. Because life is love.


  1. bless you. love really is something that feels like heaven. :D

  2. chicomachine- that you so much...

  3. life is not complete without someone who loves you..

  4. Arvin- i really agree with you...

  5. love is what we all live for, isn't it :)

  6. Manju- yeah that is true...


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