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8 months... with love and happiness....


i just realized how wonderful the world, when my baby turned 8monhts this day. It is such awesome to feel. watching her learning everything, biting the little amount of hotdog, and observing her to slowly making a great move, a step that would help her know how wonderful the life. Observing her to make it sure that she can stand well, while her left or right hand is grasping the wall, for her to have the foundation is such a great thing to have. When she cries, i know she is hungry, when she smile and chuckle i know she is happy. A little life, that starts in a never wished dream to have, a story that never been told. The word CURSE,  somehow drag her way out, but since she is planned and the great purpose of God to let her alive. Discrimination was the memories, that helps me to have a strenght to make it, and encourages me to make something better.

Waking up every morning, and realized how beautiful the life beyond those challenges that we faced, is perfectly  wish of every people  who dream to have it. Every time i put her on a crib she laughs, i wonder why. But when i realized that  somehow, she is happy to be there not because she can move and crawl, because when she is in my hand, she cannot do any movements because i use to stop her. She is happy because, she can learned more on how to stand and learned to step. A step of growing up, with courage and dedication to learned every tricks to stand and move well. I might be too young to have a baby, but being responsible single dad, is very good to think. I know everything because of her. She helped me open up my eyes and be the best as i can be.

My baby, is a blessing, she is not a cursed one. She is my angel that God have given to me. Her smile heals the pain and helped the world know, that life is great.  I love you Shey!


  1. may anak ka na? at 19? waw.
    btw, your baby is uber-cute.

  2. Thanks for your comment :)
    It really does show the wonderfulness of the world when you see a baby learning, it's such a beautiful thing =)

  3. Babies are so cute...

  4. cute ng baby mo..good luck lagi sa iyo bilang isang ama..

  5. SOIEBEANS-my baby n ako... bata p nga eh, but its okay.

  6. Shibby- you are welcome! i would always visit your blog.. it is cool..

  7. glentot- thank you.. isa lng bay ko, anu ka ba.. hehehe

  8. Arvin- thanks buddy...

  9. you are a single dad? wow... i would have never thought hehehehe

    and true, i have three pamangkins and they are my constant source of happiness... naging mas masaya ang buhay nang dumating sila...

    kaya mo yan....

    at ang cute cute ng baby mo....:)

  10. Yj- thank you .. many people din eh, hindi naniwala..

  11. wow cute naman nyang baby mo, ofcourse shes an angel and a gift from God, i can relate kasi im a parent too,swerte mot maaga syang dumating sa buhay mo,dimo mamamalayan paglaki nya at pag teenager na sya para lang kayong magka barkada.
    take good care of her.
    by the way, thanx for dropping by.

  12. ayo-ayo bay... salamat gyud sa pag-anhi sa akong blog


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