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Go Jess! This is the only word I can blab, she's definitely hitting the bandwagon this time. We were saddened when she wasn't  called AI winner this season of American Idol, her Filipino fans were rambunctiously tweeting and posting their remorse on cyber spaces. But heck, it was not the end of everything. She will be launching her first international album!

Some critic said that it is going to be a big hit, her first single entitled Fairy tale will surely captivates fans hearts! So sing and dance with your heart out.

Watch it here!


After the big hit of Ate V's horror movie The Healing, the movie goer will soon enough be spending more time on movie theater to watch this yet another full nerve-wracking and scary movie Amorosa. Starring Angel Aquino act as a mother.

This movie would be a big hit!

Watch the trailer here :


The Philippine movie industry is quite different from what the usual global viewers have known for. it is more dramatic, more visual and somehow uplifting. Aside from its given plot that anyone else can fathomed what could be the ending is, still we are at par when it comes to surprises and tricks.

What makes it more unique is the characters that brought life to it, some given scenes like sampalan and awayan are the most celebrated scenes that are well loved and appreciated by the Filipino audiences. We cannot also deny the fact that our actors and directors are embarking on other way of presenting their craft to make it  more grandeur. The pag malupitan and mahirapan ang bida lead viewers to hate the kontrabida. It is like hell to them seeing the lead cry and tortured whilst the villain is so happy watching her suffer. And in the end, villain must be stop, punished worst is he/she must die.

Watch this :


It is quite complex yet purely subjective fact that religion is hitting its zenith on standing against RH Bill to be passed on. the war between the Anti and Pro's are raging with fire, both parties have extreme reasoning on why this Bill should be passed and why it should not be passed.

It is an insane act seeing Catholic church dying to stop this bill to pass, and that turned out to be a great mistake- by looking at the photo above, it seems the church is promoting HIV/AIDS! How dire and gruesome that is!

What it feels like being an antagonist to something that would help our economy better on the years to come? Would it be nicer and an accomplishment to celebrate, and to be joyful of?
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