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Pro RH Bill!


It is quite complex yet purely subjective fact that religion is hitting its zenith on standing against RH Bill to be passed on. the war between the Anti and Pro's are raging with fire, both parties have extreme reasoning on why this Bill should be passed and why it should not be passed.

It is an insane act seeing Catholic church dying to stop this bill to pass, and that turned out to be a great mistake- by looking at the photo above, it seems the church is promoting HIV/AIDS! How dire and gruesome that is!

What it feels like being an antagonist to something that would help our economy better on the years to come? Would it be nicer and an accomplishment to celebrate, and to be joyful of?

I wonder what's on the minds of this people raising that  tarps fighting for that bill not to be pass. I wonder if their families have the food to eat, or just at least can eat thrice a day. It would be astounding on my part- if the response is yes. However, in  reality and the predicament of our country, a growing one I supposed, it would be hard to fathomed why this people has the nerve to raise the banner when in fact the church's not giving them food for their family. Instead they taught unsafe sex, so to add to this growing populations we have.

Does Catholic church has a plan to control our country soon? If ever their plans will succeed, and will see our country's dying economy- they can possibly take over it. In an easy way, they have to start on stopping the RH Bill. Just saying!

What is RH Bill? Is this something that a Catholic church needed to be scared of? Is this some kind of demonic act, that unleashes everyone's eyes and would lead them to worshiping Satan? One thing that is certain for me, and that is " I want RH Bill to be passed on." Regardless if I would be excommunicated by this so-called faith of God church, it would never matter to me anyway.

I believe that faith does not come from those great architectural and stone images, it comes from the heart. A true believer sees great things in some positive ways where in our government is raising. If we wanted to help our country, then I guess it is time for us to act and do something with the growing population we have. The 90,000000 population we have on this present days, might plummet and reach the level that one day, we would kill each other just to survive. I know for a fact that Catholic church is making and taking this as a serious problem for them, oh, if that bill  will be passed on- Catholic church all over the country will suffer, donations and all others fees will soon be lessen. How's that?

Just saying. Pass that RH Bill.


  1. walang katapusan na debate ang RH bill....


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