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I can say, this is comparable to a korean love story  "Boys Over Flowers"..  With its massive growth, young or adult, normal people or even celebrities used this. At first, i am not interested to know what is this so called trend in our society today. I don't even know, what are they talking about, regarding with this matter. I heard a lot of people saying this words. Until such time,  i saw one television program, tackling this trend, so it gives me some thoughts and informations why and where did it started.

According to, the word  "jeje" originated from online penchant users' to type in "hehehe" as "jejeje" is derived from Spanish, whose speaker denote the interjection as laughter.

And "mon" comes from the Japanese anime "Pokemon" which means monster. "A happy monster?"

I am not interested to tackle this on blog, but i just noticed that some of my friends were doing this, and following this trend, which  is for me, it is worthless.. We are using this "short messaging services" but let us try to use some words which we know, we can write it completely. Let us think first, those people who are  unable to understand or follow your trend, and trying  to comprehend what you have been sending. We have simple words and we are all allowed to cut some of  them, but not adding too much letters,numbers,phonetics,etc. and the meaning would be "out of this world".

Following trend is good, what's in and what's out, when it comes to fashion, gadgets, etc. It is completely okay. But murdering words, adding hilarious things on text messages it is something weird.

My friend send me this message which made me mad.

"h3lloo, ...h0w ar y0? I w1L b g01Ng 2 mA11, yo w4Nt 2 c0m3 w1d m3?"

It takes minutes before i totally got what this message means.. It was my first time to read and received this kind of words. There's only two main effect of this trend on our country.

First, it will affect us in our spelling capability.
Second, people will be dull and it will also results into communication problem.

I never try to write this to offend you, but one thing for sure, we have the brain to think well, what is good and what is write. We can decide and know if we are doing and following the trends which will help us to succeed. If it will only cause trouble then we should think seven times.

Trend will always be wonderful, if it is good.


It is better to give than to receive... 

I would like to informed you my blogger friends, that I will be having a project which would definitely helped families who have dozens of children and having hard time to buy new pencils,ballpens,notebooks, and many more for their kids. I know it is a hard task for me to do, but i know some of you will going to help.

I will be doing some stuff, like drawing, sketching,painting etc. for me to have money to buy these necessary materials for kids to go school. And also i started talking to some of my friends, about this plan, and convincing them to helped  buying  these.  For example, if you have this daily allowance of  50 pesos, all what i am asking you is to buy a 3 pieces of pencils {12 pesos} but it depends on the brand and it's durability.

With that 3 pencils, we can be able to help hundreds of kids who wished to have new pencils or ballpens. it is just a small stuff, but to received the word "thank you" i guess is the best reward for us to received from them. It is time for us people to help them, discovering their dreams. With this pencils that you will be donating, you will be receiving certificates from me, but you don't need to worry about CORRUPTION because i won't be doing it, In Jesus name! This task is not by letting my self to be the next Efren Pinaflorida, i never aimed to be noticed, what i want is just to help those kids on writing their future, making it strong enough, shaping their lives and encouraging them to go to school.

With this project, i wish one of you will participate. For formalities and legal matters, i will talking to my Lawyer friend for him to assist me further on this matter, and for you also to believe that i will never do anything that would definitely ruined my life.  It is wonderful to think, if this project will start as soon as possible. .

For those people who are willing to give and wanted to share, please feel free to send me message to this email address: and and also you can send message in here..

thank you so much!


The election was already finished. We already  chose the people  to rule for this nation. Some made it and some failed. As we all know, life is always like this. The trauma of the election was terrifying, scary and morbid. As usual, the nature of election prevailed. The last hour "vote buying"  was executed.

"CHANGE WE NEED, CHANGE WE MUST", a wonderful words for people who aims change. A slogan of victory over corruption. But what about  this: "CHANGE, what for? WE HAVE THE BEST" a maintained dignity and a power to rule. The Davaoenos words of wisdom. (Boy Nograles- Rudy Duterte) The two powerful personalities in Davao aiming for change and preserving what they have planted. What can you say about these?

Those are positive words of life, ruling over one nation, you might be wondering why i am writing these matter, i just realized how election happened every four years in our country. As a young man, observing how politics flows, is a chance to know every area that we should look up and stare for us to know the true face of  the so-called election. For this year i find  it half way successful and half way failure. A few reasons why it is successful but thousands of comments that was failure.  It was then an opinion of everyone.

Wonderful to have the "first automated election" in our country,  it's  fast and easy. But the spirit of corruption always  reigned everytime we have election. Indeed, it will be a history, a history that will remained fresh  in our heart and mind.

May these new leaders that we have will rule this country in righteous way. Planned for great things and execute CHANGE. A change that will brings life and success. Let us be the head not be the tail.

What lies ahead will remained to be discover.

Congratulations to our new ruler!


I love you mom!
Simply you are the best...
Thank you for giving light...
Thank you for showing your deepest love for me..
I might stumble and fall,
but your love is forever genuine..

I  am sorry for yelling at you,
everytime you wake me up to eat my breakfast..
I am sorry for letting you to wash my undies,
I am sorry for lying, hiding some stuff which  you supposed to know..
I am sorry for not helping you preparing food.

Beyond those bizarre attitudes that i have.
You are the still the mother that i have.
The light of this family,
The soft spoken woman, with care and love I am satisfied...

I may lost everything in this world,
But one thing for sure.
You will always be a mom of peace and courage...
A mom of love and care...
And most of all, a mom that God  have given to me..


It would be too late for us to figure out if we chose the right person to be elected. Believed me, it would be too late. Why? Because choosing the person to be in the place where we wanted him or her to be, is the hardest thing to do. We don't even know what keeps on running on their minds right now.It is either a sincere and Godly service or a corrupt administration, trying to get those investments they spent during the campaign period. It was hard to determined at all.

Confused and afraid to jot down every politicians  who promised good service and no corruptions would happened. We all know that promises are made to be broken. Upon writing this post, i know there are lots of people would be thinking thesame way as i am, for we are all wrapped up with golden promises. If  we only given them a chance to serve, CHANGE will happen. But trying to recall all those bangings and mudslinging words that they had been saying against their co-politicians, people must think seven times. It is not good for a leader to lead this nation in wrath, anger in their hearts, and probably personal interests. Because we all know, this nation will drown more and more.

Losing my HOPE  is not the biggest question here, but losing my TRUST  is the main idea. How about you?
We had done choosing Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, we even did the PEOPLE POWER REVOLUTION, impeachment and flounder case against ERAP, but still we got nothing, and the outcome of that struggle was futility, corruption and greediness. We had been in these situations! It is tiring to choose, if only we can change this nation without letting one person to lead and brings wrath it would be great. But as a nation we need one leader to rule.

I wish after this election we could feel the true meaning of CHANGE,  and the essence of bountiful country.  I like what Manny Villar said: Malaysia,Thailand,Singapore those are just small countries, but because of true service, they emerged and reach the zenith of triumph. The question now: what about my country PHILIPPINES,  is there any CHANGE  that will happen?

I am asking you...
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