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I can say, this is comparable to a korean love story  "Boys Over Flowers"..  With its massive growth, young or adult, normal people or even celebrities used this. At first, i am not interested to know what is this so called trend in our society today. I don't even know, what are they talking about, regarding with this matter. I heard a lot of people saying this words. Until such time,  i saw one television program, tackling this trend, so it gives me some thoughts and informations why and where did it started.

According to, the word  "jeje" originated from online penchant users' to type in "hehehe" as "jejeje" is derived from Spanish, whose speaker denote the interjection as laughter.

And "mon" comes from the Japanese anime "Pokemon" which means monster. "A happy monster?"

I am not interested to tackle this on blog, but i just noticed that some of my friends were doing this, and following this trend, which  is for me, it is worthless.. We are using this "short messaging services" but let us try to use some words which we know, we can write it completely. Let us think first, those people who are  unable to understand or follow your trend, and trying  to comprehend what you have been sending. We have simple words and we are all allowed to cut some of  them, but not adding too much letters,numbers,phonetics,etc. and the meaning would be "out of this world".

Following trend is good, what's in and what's out, when it comes to fashion, gadgets, etc. It is completely okay. But murdering words, adding hilarious things on text messages it is something weird.

My friend send me this message which made me mad.

"h3lloo, ...h0w ar y0? I w1L b g01Ng 2 mA11, yo w4Nt 2 c0m3 w1d m3?"

It takes minutes before i totally got what this message means.. It was my first time to read and received this kind of words. There's only two main effect of this trend on our country.

First, it will affect us in our spelling capability.
Second, people will be dull and it will also results into communication problem.

I never try to write this to offend you, but one thing for sure, we have the brain to think well, what is good and what is write. We can decide and know if we are doing and following the trends which will help us to succeed. If it will only cause trouble then we should think seven times.

Trend will always be wonderful, if it is good.


  1. not a jejemon :P

    (p.s. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  2. Anonymous5/31/2010

    I totally agree with you. Literature should not be abused and dismantled. Without proper literature we would not have correct history records. Is this "jeje" type of writing going to be our heritage? JD; You are a intelligent and caring person.Hugs Joey W.

  3. my friend , who is a public school teacher for Filipino said the jejemons are their worse enemies...yeah, something to do with the corruptions in spelling...if you have a bunch of naturally mentally challenged (dumb) students around and doing jejemon stuffs...that's twice the damage.

  4. basta ang masabi ko lang dapat kung magtext iyong mababasa agad..badtrip ako sa mga text na mahirap basahin..

  5. ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫: indeed, that is great..

  6. pusang kalye : you are true with that parekoy..

  7. arvin: hehehe, tama ka dyan, ako nga eh...

  8. Basta ako matagal na akong tumatawa ng jejejejejeje until lumabas ang jejemon... at first i find it amusing ngayon hindi na... hehehehehehe na lang ulet... heheheheh

  9. I am Xprosaic: kataw anan man ka oi.. hehehehe

  10. I think it's just a passing fad... uso ngayon pero lilipas din yan... maluluma.

    For me Jejemon sucks lols XD


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