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Timothy Jian Smithson

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It would be too late for us to figure out if we chose the right person to be elected. Believed me, it would be too late. Why? Because choosing the person to be in the place where we wanted him or her to be, is the hardest thing to do. We don't even know what keeps on running on their minds right now.It is either a sincere and Godly service or a corrupt administration, trying to get those investments they spent during the campaign period. It was hard to determined at all.

Confused and afraid to jot down every politicians  who promised good service and no corruptions would happened. We all know that promises are made to be broken. Upon writing this post, i know there are lots of people would be thinking thesame way as i am, for we are all wrapped up with golden promises. If  we only given them a chance to serve, CHANGE will happen. But trying to recall all those bangings and mudslinging words that they had been saying against their co-politicians, people must think seven times. It is not good for a leader to lead this nation in wrath, anger in their hearts, and probably personal interests. Because we all know, this nation will drown more and more.

Losing my HOPE  is not the biggest question here, but losing my TRUST  is the main idea. How about you?
We had done choosing Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, we even did the PEOPLE POWER REVOLUTION, impeachment and flounder case against ERAP, but still we got nothing, and the outcome of that struggle was futility, corruption and greediness. We had been in these situations! It is tiring to choose, if only we can change this nation without letting one person to lead and brings wrath it would be great. But as a nation we need one leader to rule.

I wish after this election we could feel the true meaning of CHANGE,  and the essence of bountiful country.  I like what Manny Villar said: Malaysia,Thailand,Singapore those are just small countries, but because of true service, they emerged and reach the zenith of triumph. The question now: what about my country PHILIPPINES,  is there any CHANGE  that will happen?

I am asking you...


  1. sana nga talagang may mangyaring maganda after election :/

    RE:@kuya tim: aww...thanks..i am lucky too to have you as a brother here..always take care of yourself..

    im just here, ayu ;)

  2. Sana nga may pgbabagong magaganap...

    RE: I am also grateful for having a good buddy here...Ayos ka na parekoy?

  3. dont wanna make the same mistake again. Now I'm being careful. Hope and pray for the best! :)

  4. ang masasabi ko lang...kung inde kaya ng ating lider...kaya nating lahat! nyaha...

    ipagdasal natin ang isang mapayapang eleksyon!

  5. baka hindi magkaroon ng election sa lunes..palpak ang mga machine..may mga depekto ang memory card..buti pa yata tirahin ng machine gun lahat iyan..nakakasawa na ang mga balita na baka magkaroon ng failure of election..

  6. gusto ko nga maging magulo ang eleksyon..para mag people magkaalaman sino ang matatapang at sino ang mga duwag..kung kailan mag eeleksyon na saka nalaman na may depekto ang memory card..anong klaseng paghahanda iyan para sa automated eleksyon..malaking pera pa ang budget tapos puwedeng pumalpak..

  7. ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫- thanks ayu...

  8. jag: thank you so much...

  9. mishi: tama ka talaga...

  10. arvin: tama ka talaga parekoy!


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