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The reason why I Love girls....

I  posted this kind of topic way back, telling you how awesome girls are. Gorgeous,sweet,sentimental,caring and loving. I was just stunned with so many ladies kept on passing by, everytime i walked, go to mall, in job, in television, internet and everywhere in this world.  Even in a dream they still conquer  and reign. Truly girls are exceptional...

Stunning with your brown eyes, your shiny hair, nice red lips, wearing your expensive channel all i can say i wish i can have you. You passed by and don't even care,that i am here staring  the way you move. Your vulnerability wrapped up the place. Your smile is like heaven's taste,beef steak,balbacua or an adobo one, yummy and delicious.

I wish to eat you everyday, to have you all day, to keep you safe  with my wings, acting like i am your protector. I am your light and shining armor. You are my Cleopatra and i will be your lord. I will served you like i am your servant. I will wipe your tears, and i will make you happy.

Saving you in my memory is the only way i can do. Your smile will always be the best smile for me. You might be petite but You are gorgeous and that justifies everything. I like you, but it seems i can do nothing to tell you, how i feel. I wanted to have you, to keep you as i said, but fear control me everytime i see you.

Your vulnerability seems registered in my memory. I can still hear your cackle. Your cute yellow dress, matching with this silver shoes that makes you a goddess of all goddesses.. But i know this is just a dream.
I just taste the sky, and feel that i am alive again staring your face. I swear i won't forget you, if only my voice could reach forth to the future, if i can still see you then it would be my happiest moment to share with you!

I don't know what this is, but all i can say: I like you just the way you are...


  1. magtira ka nmn ng girls para sa amin inubos mo na eh hahaha joke!

    Uhmmm...inlove na ata si parekoy hehehehe...

  2. You are very poetic. I couldn't stop reading.


  3. hanep ito..sino kaya ang pinaglalaanan mo ng sinulat mong ito..para kanino kaya ito,hehe..sino kaya ang gusto mo talaga makabasa nito..tiyak nasa paligid mo lang,hehe..

  4. Jag: HEHEHE, madami naman dyan.. kaw katalaga.. inlove na yata parekoy...

  5. Tayebug : salamat sa pag puri parekoy...

  6. Arvin: salamat sa pag bisita parekoy.. kumusta na? inlove na yata ako...


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