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What lies ahead...

The election was already finished. We already  chose the people  to rule for this nation. Some made it and some failed. As we all know, life is always like this. The trauma of the election was terrifying, scary and morbid. As usual, the nature of election prevailed. The last hour "vote buying"  was executed.

"CHANGE WE NEED, CHANGE WE MUST", a wonderful words for people who aims change. A slogan of victory over corruption. But what about  this: "CHANGE, what for? WE HAVE THE BEST" a maintained dignity and a power to rule. The Davaoenos words of wisdom. (Boy Nograles- Rudy Duterte) The two powerful personalities in Davao aiming for change and preserving what they have planted. What can you say about these?

Those are positive words of life, ruling over one nation, you might be wondering why i am writing these matter, i just realized how election happened every four years in our country. As a young man, observing how politics flows, is a chance to know every area that we should look up and stare for us to know the true face of  the so-called election. For this year i find  it half way successful and half way failure. A few reasons why it is successful but thousands of comments that was failure.  It was then an opinion of everyone.

Wonderful to have the "first automated election" in our country,  it's  fast and easy. But the spirit of corruption always  reigned everytime we have election. Indeed, it will be a history, a history that will remained fresh  in our heart and mind.

May these new leaders that we have will rule this country in righteous way. Planned for great things and execute CHANGE. A change that will brings life and success. Let us be the head not be the tail.

What lies ahead will remained to be discover.

Congratulations to our new ruler!


  1. Well said Tim:)
    I am loving your style:)

  2. kahit diko gusto si President elect because of fears of INCOMPETENCE....wala na ko magagawa kundi support ysa---that's the right thing to do...

  3. Diana Mieczan : thank you so much diana...

  4. pusang kalye: tama ka dyan. we can't do nothing than to support him.

  5. nice article..^_^ very timely..i hope amkatulong ang nga bagong laeders sa ikapoprogress ng ating bansa :3

  6. ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ : i hope so ayu...

  7. si erap sana ang gusto kong manalo para gantihan talaga niya ang mga tao na sa tingin niya ay inapi siya..kaso dahil natalo siya ay tama ang sinabi ni pusang kalye na suportahan na lang ang nanalong pangulo..tingin ko ay magiging mabuti siya at kontra talaga sa mga bawal at labag sa batas.......

  8. arvin: tama ka talaga parekoy.. suportahan na lng din natin. Mabait naman yata...

  9. great you said correctly i like your words
    very inspiring

    congratulations to your new leader

  10. Thanks for your comment :)
    Glad you liked my post! Do come back again.
    Take Care :)

  11. knk : thank you for liking my post my friend..

  12. ♫♪♥Lonely Dreamer♥♪♫ : you are welcome!


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