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 September will be the celebration of a Universal Beauty, where in the whole universe is colliding as we would welcome the next Miss  Universe 2011.

It is better to be smart than to be beautiful-  Jessica Soho

But before that real goddess comes, let's welcome the Miss Gay Pangkalawakan! Every beautiful gay will never qualified for this pageant, so if you are blessed with the looks that everyone laughed out loud, let's celebrate because this is your time to strut your craft!


Oh, it's  17 days to go before Miss Universe 2011! All contestants from the whole part of the world are already gearing up in Brazil where in the 60th edition of this beauty pageant will be held on September 12,2011. Again it is going to be the clash of curves and the battle of beauty.

Who will it be? Who will be this year's  Miss Universe. The grandest pageantry in the universe  is taking a huge fly. So what are you waiting for?

Meanwhile, our very own Shamcey Supsup (Miss Philippines) is making a huge step and a bang that made her quite a contestant to beat on this year's competition. Her  professional photos are justified by her candids.. A stunner from Asia.


Andrej Pejic no doubts you have what it takes to be a woman. He has this smooth features that women used to have. A beautiful Androgynous!  Good luck Andrej!


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Did you know that some English song titles can sound so funny and outrageous in their Tagalog title?

Here are some of them:

1. Imagine -- Mantakin Mo

2. Bluer Than Blue -- Malapit Na Sa Hukay

3. Too Young -- Nakanang ina Mo Batang-bata ka pa malandi kana

3. Tonight's The Night -- Patay Kang Bata Ka yari ka di kana virgin mamaya

4. Hey Jude -- Hoy Hudas!

5. Power Of Love -- Buntis

6. How Deep Is Your Love -- Gaano Kalalim Yang Sayo

7. Can't Be With You Tonight -- Meron Ako Ngayon

8. King And Queen Of Hearts -- Tong-it Na Ko Sa Jack

9. Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know -- Huwag Mo KongGawing Tanga (wife version to husband)

10. You Should Know By Now -- Alam Mo Na Dapat NgayonYan, Tanga! (mistress version to lover's wife)

11. Sometimes When We Touch -- Minsan Kapag Tayo'y Naghihipuan


 Selena Gomez newest song tickled my ears! The message is quite strong sending positivity- with it's strong lines such as:

Who says you’re not perfect
Who says you’re not worth it
Who says you’re the only one that’s hurting
Trust me
That’s the price of beauty
Who says you’re not pretty
Who says you’re not beautiful
Who says?

With these words give me goosebumps, the real inspiration when it comes to developing your self-esteem.


Some says, Justine Beiber is a  huge arrogant gal, stupid and strict. But his music topped everytime he releases new single..  And guys look at these people who gone so wild and crazy, when the ticket booth refused to gave them tickets-

What's your verdict with this?


I was hesitant to have my own domain, first thing is it's a dollarous  matter. And to maintain and sustain it forever could become a liability for me. A friend suggested that, I should have my own personal domain so I would maximized the track that I would be getting from the advertisements that would soon hop my blog.

So here we go, I have my own personal domain! At first, I was afraid I am not techie enough to fix and set it up. But thanks to the video tutorials in who held their knowledge about it. To Hengfu  who gave his full support (lol) for setting up this blog..

To all of my fellow bloggers, here I come.. A new domain. a new issues and a new stupidity.. lol


Just saw this video shared by a friend. I'm a daredevil, but I doubt if I can eat something raw, to note that it is still moving!


Whoa, do you think that only those kids who undergone Voice lessons can sing pretty well?  I bet not! You heard it right- Arginal Gilbert from Mabalacat Pampangga is singing like a pro. His RnB singing prowess was honed in the street, the ability to adopt what's in it. He has that of  Neyo/Justine Beiber voices combined.

Check it out!


I scratch and see the light
my clamor to be heard 
my battle to find  the light
the echo of my past is hunting me...

the struggle to live normal
the fight to stay formal
the trick to remain jovial
but the death is fatal...

respond, respond as the phone rang
no sound of grace and love
panting in pain, ranting to be found
my love has nowhere to be found...

where is the passion for love
the promise to care
the vow to stay with me
where are you in this darkest room i am....
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