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Celebrating my Day!

I was hesitant to have my own domain, first thing is it's a dollarous  matter. And to maintain and sustain it forever could become a liability for me. A friend suggested that, I should have my own personal domain so I would maximized the track that I would be getting from the advertisements that would soon hop my blog.

So here we go, I have my own personal domain! At first, I was afraid I am not techie enough to fix and set it up. But thanks to the video tutorials in who held their knowledge about it. To Hengfu  who gave his full support (lol) for setting up this blog..

To all of my fellow bloggers, here I come.. A new domain. a new issues and a new stupidity.. lol


  1. Wow! Its YOU already! Hehehe!

  2. woow! gusto ko man, kaso....nagbabadyang gastos yan hehehe

  3. empi: Wow! Hey! lol.. Yup it's me man!

  4. mots: Mots- ako nga walang stable na work.. Kaya yan, mura lang naman kasi per year lang ang charge...


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