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I am sorry.. I am only human...

Centuries and centuries will come, the word  SORRY  will still exist. The evolution will happen again again, but this word will never ever changed. Its meaning and how it should be used. I can say it is a sacred word for human being who wants peace and love.

Sorry means apology. Apology means saying sincerely and accepting your faults, that you made a mistake. Many people said that saying sorry is the hardest thing to do. You need to cut or curl your pride and know the differences. For my self, i know this is hard sometimes, would be hard if i am the one  who was oppressed. To rich people it is hard because they have money, and they have lots of friends. So once they hurt you, it is okay and just left you without saying sorry. So it means, money matters. To a lawyer, saying sorry means you are a quitter. It is better to lose in a court than to say sorry.

My pride sometimes kills me and lead me to graveyard. Its emptiness cover my entire body, i am confused and broken. Another day another fight. I got hurt and hurts people too. My mind says it is unfair for me if i will let them to that. It is hard to be hurt and being left undone. Embarrassed by somebody or being told as worst person he or she ever met is such an insult. This is the scenario if you are in a mood of anger. Such gruesome to be mad always, it creates another wrinkles and another foe.

So now, i realized, how bad i am.. How terrible is my attitude. I bragged things, fight and fight. At the end, i am a loser. A great loser. The things that i have done to people were all wrong. I just realized these things so cruel. I feel i am with Ampatuan, and joining the forces of hell bitchy human who only wants is to spread their worst odor in this world. I am guilty. I feel so trash. I admit that i made a mistake. I hurt you..



  1. awww..>_ pls. dont say that!! and dont you ever compare your self to that stonehearted AMPATUAN!!>;( its okay to commit some mistakes..everyone does, right?? and com'on my friend, all persons have their own bad personalities as well as good ones. we all has a bad attitude..if people can accept you for who you are..then just leave them and dont mind them! keep in mind that those persons who TRULY loves you can accept even your worst mood swings and attitudes, someone who can laugh at your corniest jokes..and someone who can understand you even if you dont say any word..

    smile..and forget it okay..? its no longer your fault if you already apologized..>_<

    (P.S. if you'll reply to this comment..pls. put it in my blog's comment box so that i can update my comments :3)

  2. forgive ang forget that you have forgiven..

  3. Ayu: Wow, this is wonderful my baby, i call you baby now.. okay. hehehehe. hey i just remember that i don't have brothers nor sisters. it sucks, life sucks sometimes. I guess i felt it that way somehow that is the reason. Am alone and a nobody guy. So thank you for inspiring me now.. thank you so much, that is the only words i can say. You touch the whole.. Thank you..

  4. Arvin: thank you so much!!!

  5. @kuya tim: haha..its okay for me if you want me to call 'baby' if that's what will make you feel a lil lighter..x3 anyway..hmm..yeah..i guess living alone without any siblings is quite lonely but it still depends on you on how you perceive things..its better if you remain positive in your life ^_^

    keep smiling~! :)

  6. Ayu: yun nga eh.. thank you for sharing your thoughts, it helps me baby!

  7. @kuya tim: np..anyway..ive tagged you :) check out my latest post~! x3

    always here,
    ayu :3

  8. ayu: thank you.. hehehehe

  9. At the end of the day, ang pinaka importante pa rin is nagsay ka ng "sorry" sa taong nasaktan mo ang damdamin ng taos sa iyong puso.

  10. fiel-kun: thank you so much....

  11. It`s ok buddy...the most important is you have realized those things...I believe your a good man...

  12. ambigous guy: hey there, thank you for that huge sad face...

  13. Jag: buti nmn nkabalik k na... thank you for that words..

  14. making a mistake is the prime indication of humanity. while apologies is the key back to it...

  15. wanderingcommuter: yeah and you are right.. thank you..

  16. well to realize things and try not to repeat them again in the greatest achievement...
    well done!


  17. mistakes are just part of us being a human and no one's perfect.

    great post, Tim!

    have a nice day

  18. Tripat "Prerna": wew! thank you

  19. eden: yeah, thank you..

  20. Natouch ako...nice way of saying sorry jijijiji..nice piece by the way..saying sorry is the bravest thing to do.... it is a humbling experience for us


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