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When LOVE takes over....

I was browsing and searching new videos that would uplift my spirit and would makes me damn inspired again, beyond the fact that my last post was kinda disgusting. With those people who were terribly judgemental. That sucks.

But as Arvin said, it is not what they think about me, it is what i think about my self. By the way Arvin is my good friend here in blog. Yeah, and i agree with that. I am very disappointed that time, but now i know i am okay and i feel good to write again. Whenever things going wrong, i believe that it will be okay. And for that i become more optimistic.

I wouldn't stop until i could, and when love takes over i know it will be okay. I cannot blame anybody thinking that way, because i know they have their own verdict and opinion for me. Life is very ironic. When love takes over, things will be okay. To you who tell me that kind of words, it inspires me alot. It make me more submissive to prove to you that i am different. That boost my confidence and perseverance. One day soon, you will realized  that your words cannot affects me at all. To prove to you, i will go back not to take a revenge but to tell you i made it. To all of you, who challenge me, who derailed me, its gonna be a halo of your own image. Telling you this, and encouraging my self to take a great step for me. It is time to make a great decision. And forget you all.  Thank you!


  1. that's the spirit.... :)

    anyhow, the holidays had been great. spent it with family and friends... now i'm back in school and i'm sad 'cause i wouldn't have much time for blog hoping.. i hope it's summer already...:)

  2. wow, especial mention my name, are also a friend of mine in this blog world..i dont know when it last..but as far as i know you are good..all of us should face what life give us..we have all ups and down..nice post..

  3. Yj: you need to dealt with it, it will be okay soon..

  4. Arvin: yeah special mention, because you are good to me.

  5. Ahahahahahah it's okay really... after all there's the cliche goes "you can't please everybody". I too may have some critics but that's fine with me... they are also entitled to their opinion whether they may be right or relatively right or simply wrong or relatively wrong... what matters most is I am still intact and whatever they say... it's still up to me to consider or not... jijijijijijiji...

  6. Keep going and doing the things that you enjoy most... who cares what others think?? jejejeje don't let them ran over your life...jejejeje

  7. By the way, impressive blog...with all honesty...

  8. I am Xprosaic: thank you for the advice and have a great day..

  9. DONSTER: hey there, thank you for responding.. thank you as well for appreciating my blog. i add you already..

  10. hey nice blog ah... teka di ko alam if magtatagalog ako dito... cge na nga mag english ako.... hahahaha


    (patay nakalimutan ko yung english ko)

    anyway cheer up parekoy... usapang love to kaya mag comment ako, masarap ma in love... pero syempre dapat on guard tayo sa lahat ng oras...

    nice blog nga pala... add kita huh i hope you dont mind

  11. Saul krisna: hey there, thank you sa pag mo sa akin. And thank you for appreciating my blog..

  12. [S]itie [B]Um [B]Um: hey there, thank you for visiting me..


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