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Taking Chances Thia Megia

It's been a buzz here on blogosphere  about our fellow kababayans Thia Megia making it to the top 15. It's been 2 years since Fil-Am contestant graced the stage of American Idol. And it was also been a long time since Jasmine Trias made it til top 3 of the said Singing competition. It was a tough job for Thia- she had been waiting for this chance to audition, and she was lucky enough to get in.

On the other hand, American Idol had just adjust their age limit from 16 down to 15. So Thia grabbed the opportunity and there was no surprised she made it. This tiny lady if given a chance to choose great song could easily penitrate til top 5. I hope so. Crossing finger for her journey to  Hollywood.

Steven said, "Sometimes a person's pitch can be so perfect, it doesn't matter what song they sing, and you just did that. I can't believe you're 15.

Jennifer added, "It was just so beautiful, it was a quiet moment in the middle of all these very big performances to come out there, stand still, sing with no music in the beginning and just captivate every single person in this room was really really special."

And Randy closed it with a jaw dropping words- A comparison of the late Michael Jackson.

Here are some of her videos...

Enjoy guys...


  1. inaaabangan namin siya sa ofis pag nagyoyouutube hehehe galing nga!

  2. RICO DE BUCO: Yup. Proud of her.

  3. Jag: Yup, Salamat sa pag Dalaw parekoy..

  4. Anonymous3/06/2011

    salamat talaga at nakapasok siya.. kala ko di siya natanggap...

  5. KikomaxXx: Uu nga eh..

  6. I love her! sana tumagal sya


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