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Timothy Jian Smithson

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The low level...

I could really relate on MJ song that says : what have you done to the world? It's an earth song. And it's one of the most expensive music video man ever produce in the music scene.It's smooth way of saying how drastic human being abused nature. I could think it this way.  I don't know how am I supposed to feel right now- it's a mixed emotions. Things we're flashings back and forth. Everything is just really blur in sight, I could not grasp the idea of letting it out from my battleground. Instead- it digs deeper. Crawling inside me like a worm trying to hide it's skin from the ray of sun.  I don't know if i am thinking shallow, or I just missed someone. Stress Stress Stress...

I messed up on the first glanced. I could no longer see my self as a human being who strives to make it in this world.  The Pain that i am baring right now is just overflowing. It's strife made me weaker each day. Those slashes brings me nearer to extinction. As the lullabies lilting on my ear- i felt no harmony and serene on it. It always been an annoying and hellish sounds. it carries me through deep depression.  I wasn't allowed to get tired. And see my self down. It will lead me into pit. But am seeing any light along the way. All things we're dim. All road we're growing darker and darker.

It leaves me broken. It leaves me un-fine. I Wanted to think broadly. But my days were numbered, my days were struggling to make it. I am broken. I am tired.

 This is how i feel..

Broken as this..


  1. I hope you will be okay will come to pass...

  2. all things will be God..

  3. Mr. G : Thank you so much...

  4. emmanuelmateo: thank you for that..

  5. sana ok ka na after...

  6. KikomaxXx : Yes man, sana nga


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