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2010 the journey starts here.....

I know,
You know,
We know,
People know,
God knows.....

It is always great to celebrate another year, another fate and another battle.
2010, would be another battle for us, Filipinos. In challenges, politics, hunger,poverty, another catastrophes, another killings,and  bad exposures. We had been wrapped up so well, last 2009 (too bad) i need to use last, though it's just a day ago.

A battle for us to watch out. Another time for us to shine, another opportunities,  another best and another worst. More surprises and chances of getting better. Another tears, another fear, and another smile. To pursue in this game of life, is the most scarriest thing to do. But facing it, is fulfilling. There is no easy thing to do, all takes an effort, sacrifices, sweat and blood to get it.  But it is amazing to achieve things this year with the sacrifices and knowing that you have it, not because it is easy, but because you work hard for it.

This year, would be exciting for us. For people who have waited for the long time to have a new baby, though there are those people who mourn because of losing someone. But that is the true face of life.

Let us not be weary, nor be dismayed. But be excited because a new day has come. A new  year of celebration, a new year of triumph and success! Let the faith stays inside.

Have faith in God-



  1. happy new year..good luck for this year..

  2. A toast for a new hope in 2010.

    Happy New Year Tim!

    Are you a Dabawenyo din pala?

  3. Happy You Year! Manigong "sana kumpleto pa ang mga daliri nyo" sa inyong lahat!

  4. Arvin: thank you, and likewise..

  5. Jag: hey, thank you. yeah i am from davao.

  6. Mga Epal: sana nga, eh kung sa mag nanakaw n sadali, patay xa, mawala talaga yang daliri, at sa mga naputokan.

  7. I used to live in Davao wayback in college...hope to see Davao soon hehehe...I am excited hehehe...

    Congrats nga pla sa Davao...recognized as zero casualties/ accidents noong new years day! Sana buong Pinas n lng wala ng paputok hehehe...

  8. Jag: wow, that is cool. thank you!

  9. Happy new year tim! yup paano naman di maging zero casualty dito sa davao eh bawal magpaputok... jijijijiji... 2010 will be a lot of fun! jejejejejeje

  10. I am Xprosaic: yeah, happy new year din. Thank you.

  11. ...itsyaboyKORKI: hirap nmn sulat name mo.. hehehe, thank you


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