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Who are you LOVE?

I  am lurking alone, thinking about life. And trying to make my day cool. The sun is too hot, its rays can burn you down. Dividing my day into 2 ways. Going to a conference for morning, art exhibit for afternoon. Tiring day for me. I make my self busy so that things will not be going wrong. If i will be alone, i know all those bad memories and pain will be remembered. And that is hilarious.

I met this one guy, way back. He is tall and good looking. Thought he will never recognized me from a far, because i know he is busy doing something in the internet. I ignore every stare that he does, and trying to be okay, knowing that the heart beat is really intense and high speedy echoe. White skin complexion and semi blond hair, cute little eyes, everytime he look at me i make it a point, i turned my head down and making my self busy as my fingers were pressing the key board. Pretending that i am. I open my face book, then check all those spams who stays on my house 3 weeks and i need to let them out of the way, before it will be occupied. So i was done..

Whoah, time helps us realized and teaches us to wait. At this time, i am ready to go, when he make his first move of asking me a question. Intact mind, i answered him right and with out any stupid reactions that would happen to me. Thinking that it would be the first and the last question i fixed everything, but he asked me again, then stare that would melts me like an ice. It is an icy feelings, (hehehehe). Then he is trying to build his rapport, and interact with me, so that good conversation will happen. His eyes sparks like a precious gems that i wished to have, intesity 1 million is what i feel.  He told me to have a short conversation, and knowing each other, then be good friends. He is just a local tourist here in Davao. It was his first time visiting the city, so i need to let him know everything.

It is a good conversation- feeling easy and cool. I guess he is really good in convincing people, i was one of them. But lucky enough, if given a chance to touch his red lips! I am sorry i just feel horny that time.(hahaha).But anyway, he asks me evrything about my life, from childhood to date, job and all.Whoah, who is the Media man here i guess its me. Why you kept on asking me now, but i know i cannot deny the fact that i feel different and it is something strange again. Knowing that we just met, and nothing to ponder. Because i know everything is just temporary for us. He lives in Manila. I am here, it would be impossible for us to make it. The time comes that i need to go, an intimate bidding of goodbye, the love and the deisre of touching his lips is now dying. So no chance buddy.

But wait, the movie has its sequel, and it happens that time! I left him, and  he go to  the hotel where he and his friends' were staying. I myself, walked in an alley, passing the lively street with a bad feeling. The voice of the street never speaks on what i feel. Suddenly, the phone rang, oh, i found his number. And he asked me about my location, then ofcourse without any hesitations, i replied saying ( dito pa ako salikod ng hotle, ng lakad, bkit pla?). Then the text message came again, asking me to go back just for a minute. Oh, then i did. When i saw him, i asked him why? but no answer to be found, he hugged and kiss me torridly, the feeling is really wonderful! awesome and fantastic! I love it! The lips that i  wished to have a great kiss, is here now, and we are doing it. The feeling of being unwated had been filled with love and happiness. All thing becomes more visible, and great. The positive side is here and alive.

Now, is the time of realizing that i am happy. Though he went back home, i know i feel the real thing about love. Who are you love, that teaches me this way.

irwin, you makes me so inlove!
Who are you?


  1. Naks! di na malamig ang pasko mo ngayon ah! jejejejejejejeje

  2. Xprosiac: sana.. hahahaha

  3. parang agree ako sa sinabi ni i am is in the air...hehe

  4. Arvin: pinag kaisahan nyo yata ako.. cge next time ayoko n mg post ng ganun.. hehehehehe

  5. OMG... is that him on the picture? if it's him, it would have been better if you let us imagine what he looked like....

    but this post made me smile....:)


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