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Dry your tears.... the last post

It is always wonderful to reminisced those memories that we have in this year 2009. It was a great fight and a tough competition for us. Challenges and triumph. But the most amazing thing was we succeed and learned from those ways that we had been through.

It is always wonderful to remember those people, who shared smile with us. Those time that we are down, and those time that we won the game, they shared us with joyfullness in their heart. Our love ones, friends, relatives, boyfriend and girl friend, and most important is our God.

We kept the faith, for that is necessary in this life, though we stumble and fall, but  united we stand. Because being a Filipino is a gift, and being alive is a treasure. May this coming year 2010, let us remove all our grudges and say something good to the person that you met everyday. Because life is worth living!

Dry your tears, for 2010 is joyful year for us! God bless us all-


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