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Wrath vs. Good for 2009 evaluation


What can you say about your life in this year 2009?

Did your wish was fulfilled?

Are you broken hearted this year?

Did you cursed this year?

Are you ready for the next battle?

This is the question that i wanna share for you all, a story of our survival in this year. Good and bad happened this year, some triumph and some failure. We lost our love ones, but receive another brood. We found new friends and we have new foes. It is a wheel of life. We had been hit, but we survived. We cry but stand after it. We fall but we climb because it is necessary  in life.

Some people failed in realizing their dreams, i hope you are not. Don't worry, there is always sunshine after the rain. Wrath wrapped up this country,  Mr. Ondoy and Mr. Peping, we moan, the pain of losing loveones is like the a wound that no chance to be healed. Tears and blood reunited. So we become more positive in life.

We celebrated the victory of pound for pound king MANNY PACQIAO, Filipino laughed and cry for this victory over Peurto Rican Miguel Cotto. We became excited when our Philippines representative for Miss Universe 09 Pamela Bianca Manalo, was in good timing while competing with other 85 beautiful ladies to win the crown. But we failed when she never made it. Well it is okay. Good news came, most of Filipino artist had been noticed in the international entertainment industry, in the name of CHARICE, who graces the world with her rendition of the world known songs, like "I will always love you, Listen and more." Singing with the big wigs. Yam Laranas, the first ever Filipino who luckily direct his own movie but internationally, he was noticed because of his excellent work. So "the echo" came. Hope, chance will come, Iza Calzado will be noticed. Congratulations to you...

We mourned  when our President Cory Aquino died because of colon cancer, it is bad to remember that Willie Revillame, criticized it- but we already forgive him, but became more proud when she was featured again in Time magazine, this is the 3rd time. Your love and faith helped the world to know that there is God. Thank you!

The people focuses on their own lives and wish that their dreams will be fulfilled. And that is Angel Locsin, when she  was nominated for "best actress" category in International Emmy Awards 09,in her teleserye LOBO { the wolf} though she never get it, but being nominated is already an honor. Congrats Angel.

If Good news happen, i know demons roamed around.  The terrifying MAGUINDANAO MASSACRE,  that made Philippines as the number one most dangerous place for journalist and media. Too awkward to think that even other countries were making us, as their headlines. Yuck! But of course, we condemned it. The gruesome killing that lasted for more than 7 hours was such demonic and satanism to be compared.

Thanks God, the people who did it it, is now facing his debt and i believe he will be punished according to what he did.

This year is good to remember for me, not because i succeed of i failed. but it is because i am happy dealing with everything that happens to me. It helps me to realized that life is wonderful. We face trials but it is a part of our journey towards success. Life is a process! If we only believe, God will bless Us..

THANK YOU 2009, you are so good to us! Hope we are ready next years' battle!


  1. Base from the last digit number of the year 2009, i can say it's a lucky year.. lucky number 9.

    lahat ng swerte nakamtam ko, maliban sa isang bagay.. gusto mong malaman?

    abangan ang susunod na kabanata.. he he he

  2. para sa akin ay masaya ang 2009 ko kasi marami akong mga bloggers na nakilala at nakaibigan dito sa blog na kahit hindi nagkikita ng personal ay nakakausap naman dito sa cbox o sa mga comment..hehe..

  3. Alkapon: yeah, i wanna know that..Anu pla yun?

  4. Arvi: ako nga din, madami.. sana nga mg kikita tayo sa personal!

  5. generally ok naman ang 2009..

    kaso lang di pa tapos ang taon...
    hell pa dito sa school..
    most especially this week..

    i hope i can survive!

  6. I think we all become wiser as time go by, but I bet there are exceptions to the rule.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Bea Trisha: hi thank you for coming back. Dont worry, it will be okay, you can do it girl. I know you have the capability to make it..

  8. Gallivanter:yeah it is true, and i believe that we become wiser and wiser each day..


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