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Men never changed....

I promised to my self that  i'll be good this year. Starting this 12 months travel with a positive thinking, beyond the fact that it's 8 years now, lurking in the face of the earth no parents have been guiding me. Well for some reason, i needed to tackle the topics without holding any arms which my parents has. Assistance, wasn't so surreal. I glanced back and wondering how did i survived in  a pitch black way, but thanks God i made it, and as am getting older 21 this year i felt so mature. Having a vibrant spirit.

The debut of 2011 waked me up with the fact that i can make things really possible. I remember what 13thWITCH says : "Tim, the only avenue you have is friends, so you better take good care of them and everything will be okay. They will helped you,  and will give you the right to live according to what you wanted it to be."

The reality was there! I grasped it with the diligence to make real good friends, to help and remain true to my old peers.

Internet world help us find a lot of things, news, opportunities and even friends. I was browsing the net and found some profile which catches my attention. I sent message and oh i got a reply from that  profile. Happy enough to received it, but i was so shocked when i read the message and there's a lot of foul words which hit my boggled mind. It was horrendous. It was morbid.

But i promised that i won't bashed anybody over the net since we don't know who they are, what they have. I stay calm, send a reply. Minutes passed, when boom! a message again. I shudder to open it, trying to make my self ready, i know it is another bad words. Yes admittedly, it was. It try to be cool. Maintain my composure.

As we we're trading words, everything changed, slowly tracing back the foul word i said to him, if he was offended by that then i have to say sorry. So he was abruptly aware that i am serious and am not making anything to ruined his night, if thinks i am. Everything was serious. All of a sudden, he sent this word "sorry" to me, he apologized and became a good listener to all of my blare  in life and vice versa.

So now, we  are good friends! He is one of the genuine person that i long to be friend with. He invited me to visit him and have some movie marathon, well we did it this last nght. 'twas  great. We watched this :

And also this:

The night was full of fun and great conversation. It was his birthday. I stayed with them for like 6 hours. Their couple for 3 years now. Their both man though. A new friendship is being build..


  1. its good at least your friends now...
    well good luck...

  2. Athena: yup yup yup...

  3. Nice one. You built a friendship because you stayed calm. Continue having a kindred heart. Have a great day.

  4. Blotspace: thanks buddy, yeah i will..

  5. mabuti naman at magpapaka good ka na this year.. friends forever na kayo..

  6. Arvin U. de la Peña : Alam na alam mo na yata lahat ng story ng life ko. tagal na din tayo kablog.. hehehehehe.. Salamat naman at nag balik ka na..


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