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the departure.........

Gem, it might be hard for us,  that this day, you are going to  leave. We as your friends were really in an emotional stage, trying to stop you from leaving, but the time says you have to, and we can do nothing about it. We shared together every happiness, tears and also the achievements that we have. It was a wonderful chance to shared it with you, your great ideas and your motivation to make as the best as we can be. Your great sense humor, that even in times that we thought we cannot do it, you always show that there is always a way, and thanks God we made it.

Your kindness will always be as sweet as chocolates, this will never fades in our heart and mind. Caring and loving. I thanked you for being a good friend to me, even though i sometimes had this stupid attitude,  but you remained my friend. I still remember the time, when i was sick and nobody cares about what happen to me, but you did. Showing me the essence of being a friend, and what friendship means. I am lucky that we've met.

Now that you are leaving, this might be one of the hardest part of our friendship, yes we still have the communication "i know about it" but it can never fills the feeling of longing, during the days that we had. I know it won't be easy for you to go, likewise too us. Truly friendship is the best thing to have in this world. It can never be bartered into money nor to any treasures to have in this wolrd. It is one of the few that GOD gave for us human to enjoy. The affection and the happiness that friendship brought us, it is awesome.

"Friendship is an epitome of God's loving kindness and faithfullness for us"

Thank you for the gift of friendship that you brought into our lives gem. You are truly a precious gem for us...

God Bless You in your new journey........


  1. ipagpanalangin na lang talaga na maging masaya saan man mapunta ang tao na ating kaibigan..siguro naman maaalala ka pa rin niya kasi kaibigan ka talaga..

  2. Happy trip sa friend mo... ok lang yan... pwede mo namasn siya bisitahin kung saan man sya... heheheheheheheeh

  3. arvin: oo nga eh....

  4. I am Xprosaic: talaga nga naman...


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