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We have been declaring that if you have faith in God, it is enough. If you trust Him it is enough. We have been saying that it is not really necessary going to the churches and have fellowships with other believer who believed in Him. But what if i will be asking you some questions, such as this:

Does your faith can save you?
Does God hears your prayers?

Going to the church is a CHOICE. Having fellowship with people who believed in God is a CHOICE. But we should always remember that we need to sharpen our weapon so that when trouble comes, we can surely resists on it. Going to the church to tell you is necessary! It is required that every seventh day, we should rest and give time to God, giving time to your family. But as we see, people were busy going to malls,work, and outing,gimik etc. We don't even think who provides you money to have that gimik, who gives you blessings for you to know that He loves you.

We people used to think, "my money comes from the place where i am working, i work,i do my overtimes,persistent, and i earned it in the hardest way as i could imagine, so there is nothing for you to ask if i need to give time for my self. To unwind."

It is true that  we earned it in a hard way, but did you asked yourself about this:

Who gives you strength?
Who gives you energy to the task?
Who gives you the mind to think well, and achieved that great job?

Did you ever asked yourself about these? You can take it as worthless, but i just wanted to tell you, " What you have right now, is just a dust from God's one foot." It is  about thinking and being so thankful to God that He gives you life and we all know this is the most precious gift we could ever received from Him. Nobody could give this to you. You can have all of those gadgets in this world,money,clothes,anything that your mind could think you owned it, but the true happiness never comes in this material things, but it is having faith with God.

I cannot imagine what would be my life if i never believed in God.According to the dictionary: atheist means 
 a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings. But i just wanted to ask you, until when you are going to be a stupid person who would never believed in God. I would love to agree of what your principles been implying, " we want peace, by not depending on someone, a true freedom in mind in faith,and in our own beliefs." Okay, the you justify your self with this principles? But that doesn't mean you win, it only mean that you are drowning your self more and more into the pit of darkness, into the pit of death. 
I don't have any intentions to hurt you,by writing this post. But a true believer of God, are those people who obey his laws, and  and the true believer of God has the fear in the heart. Do we have that?
"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.." Let us not claim that we are born again, you might be shocked if  God will tell you this, " you never became a truely born again,instead you become born against."
Let us consider that we are living in a crucial time, as we all know in the second coming of Jesus, there would be a great sound of trumpet. Now i want you to think, " what if you are reading this post then that trumpet sounds, and the world is shaking? And you know that you never ever ask forgiveness to God, what would you do? My friends who will going to read this post " it is our time to ask forgiveness to God, and live according to His will. Because sooner or later he might come like a roaring lion, but it can be like a thief. are you going to sacrifice your life forever living in undying HELL
It is your time to pray and say sorry to what you have done. God is excited to hear you. Hurry up, the time is almost over. The heaven is at hand!  Try to click here, why did i wrote this post.. 


  1. God is always there willing to accept us. That is, if we only learn to accept Him too and is open for repentance...

  2. Hindi tayo pababayaan ng ating panginoon. Kahit naging makasalanan pa tayo. Kasi siya ay ko..a letter from hell pala..

  3. You were writing this for me, only, you didn't know it; Suffice it to say, God was speaking directly to me through you. Thank you-- i have no good excuse for not going to church, however i can go anywhere else without a problem. Thanks again for posting this! And I'm following you now!

  4. Jag: you are true in that statement parekoy.. yup God is truly waiting for us!

  5. arvin: tama parekoy, kahit na maksalanan pa tayo, hindi nya yun tinitingnan, kasi ganun nya tayo ka mahal...

  6. Daij: i don't know who you are, but i am happy if i bring joy to your soul about this post that i wrote. I thanked God for touching your heart.. Hope the love of God will manifest in your life. As you journeyed in this world.

  7. not a religious person going to church every Sunday..but i do pray many times a day and i gues my personal relation with God is enough..

  8. ayu: that is great

  9. very nice! saw the "Letter From Hell" video years ago and I still have the same reaction upon watching it...though a little creepy ..people are so afraid of hell really haha...that's why one of the ways to introduce people to God is to introduce hell to them ---though it's kinda desperate hehe. Anyway, my walk with God has been great with all the ups and downs and I just can't keep myself detached from Him. Though there haves been times the devil woos me but God never lets go of you..because He wants you..He wants us...First and foremost, we are God's possession...We are His, we are byproducts of His's the same worldly concept of the most precious thing you own, and you don't want that thing to be taken from you.,'s the same as God's love for us...though it's something beyond comparison to earthly love. I wish the world knows what true love is...because the greatest love I've ever known is the CHrist that God sent to us to save us from eternal damnation from hell...and redeem us ...because He loves us...and His love incomparably amazing.

  10. yeah very inspiring post!

    ika nga count your blessings.


  11. Keep it up. God really is always happy to hear His child's voice. I made a poem before about this, check it out here.

    By the way, I am following your blog from now on. It's thanks for following my blog.


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