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I was asked, what if i will die today, this very hour, will i accept it dear within my heart? I was stunned by this simple yet nerve wracking question. It wasn't good enough to tell someone that "yes" or a "no". It was complicated to say anything regarding with death issues. It gives such thought that i should give my life an importance and love it.

My common friend and also a blogger, faced the reality that her best friend will no longer exists in this world, i know that they were so close, sharing their wonderful moments as friends and treasuring every moments which they loved the most. From writing to any escapades that will come up from their minds they do it. But all of a sudden, just a blink of an eye " he is gone"....

Teary eyes, she told me it was one of the horrible situation for her to accept. A person which understands her so much, is now gone, facing the reality that he never went to any vacation, because it would be forever, she will never see him again. It was a heartbreaking moment and a reality to accept. A friendship that is pure, lots of plans that were planned for a celebration of  their 7th year anniversary.. But the celebration will never happen, nor the celebration would took place next time or any days soon, but there would be no more celebrations in the friendship that is pure..

It was then for all of us a hard situation to faced, a life which is great for us, our beloved people that we treasure the most. We all know the feeling of losing someone that is so dear to us.  I realized that, there were people who lived life so damn bad, not loving life which is the best gift that we received from God. A life which any treasure in this world cannot replaced it. (Sayang na buhay, nawala nang hindi inaasahan) A great life that was gone, somehow  she is looking forward in life, the next page will soon took place..

Lesson to be learned:  To you who are now reading this post, " how did you handle and manage yourself" Do you still have time to make it awesome, not only in the eyes of your crush but in the eyes of God who gave this to you?".. Our selves is the second priority in this world.. Let us take good care of it, because there were those people who loved life but still they lose it, what about you who neglect this treasure which is so adorable to have.

"Life is too short, don't make it shorter..."


  1. When I was ask that question I could say I am ready anytime... I believe I already lived my life well enough. I'm not 100% goody goody alright and I thought I had a fair share of everything... which basically made satisfy my human hehehehehe

  2. Wow....Thank you so much Buds.I'm so touch.
    Very well said.Words can't express what I felt inside.I'm surprise with your post.THANK YOU...
    For reminidng Me that LIFE is WONDERFUL to LIVE in...^_^

  3. I am Xprosaic: Wow, that is the most wonderful thing huh... 100%

  4. angie: YOu are welcome buds.. YOu can do it...

  5. im not ready yet to die.......madami pa akong gusto sa buhay....

  6. arvin:tama, pareho talaga tayo.. hjehehehhe

  7. Tim!

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend's loss.

    I think making life awesome is easier said than done. Instead, for right now, I'm just trying to do the best I can and hope that it turns out awesome along the way!


  8. Anonymous10/09/2010

    That's why I live my life to the fullest...

    Ars longa, vita brevis.


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