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Timothy Jian Smithson

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every emotions draws from your eyes
from pain or to happiness i see
every details of life you had
from bondage life to free....

eyes is your mirror, red or white
lens that see through with in you
lashes that shows determination
in every deadly evil  obstruction....

sight that see visions
views that catches clear and wide
points to points, destiny to destiny
a battle of staring, you will see...

shows love, fear and depressions
tiredness and lonesome i feel
revealed in this eyes of giants,
from simple feeling to drastic ending...

clearer the more i grasped
visions of pain and gain
from winner to loser
to stronger and weaker....

my eye is a stumbling block
from every details i am hiding
you will find the answers
by just closely staring...

what am i gonna choose?
if i will be in distress you will see
or in happiness that i am free
sealed and unsealed you can be......


  1. Nice poem Tim :)

    “The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.”

  2. the eyes see what they want to see... yun talaga ang katotohonan madalas...

  3. fiel-kun: yes, totally agree!

  4. mr.nightcrawler : tama...

  5. Ika nga nila our eyes are the window to our soul... May mga taong magaling magbasa ng mata at malalaman kung nagsisinungaling ka ba o hindi... hehehehehehe

  6. I am Xprosaic: yeah, you're right...


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