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what friendship should be?

It is good if you find your real true friend, which will gonna help you if you are down, and will gonna praise you if you are successful. Too good to remember that kind of friendship, who knows how to make you calm when you were mad and knows how to make you laugh if you were sad. To brighten up your day if it is gloomy and gives you the unconditional love. That is the real friendship should be.

Comfortable and secure is all friendship counts, dealing with trials together and making dreams into reality. The laughs and the pains shared together to over come it, and the encouragement to help to boost your confidence to reached the peak of your dream.

A true friend never tolerate your bad attitude and never allow you to make stupid things that will lead to destroy your life,and never allow you to be in love with somebody who cannot helped you be a good person. Instead will help you to forget things if you are hurt and show you the brighter side of the world if you feel down.

Friendship never counts seconds, minutes,hours,days, weeks, months and years, instead they treasured the every moment they were together and let the time marked the days, and counts more and more. It never demand for your time, but begged to have you in a day.

A true friendship helps you to be closer to God and took away demons on your life. Show you the real life and helps you realizes that life is wonderful. True friendship lasts.

P/S: did you find your own real true friend?


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