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I never feel the pleasure

I have a BIG problem nowadays- it is pretty personal but I won't be shy to tell what is this.
I feel so embarrassed but I don't have any choice but to let this out and find better result or a remedy for this. I think it is bad to tell to anybody- gosh it is!!!

But here I am not afraid of letting you know people, that every time I encounter SEX, never felt the great pleasure, a pleasure that body is looking for. and we know that SEX is very wonderful exercise, but somehow I never felt that extravagant feeling of pleasure.

The word SATISFACION is really strange when I have intercourse, not because my partner in sex were not good enough, or whatever it is. But my mind is looking for something that I used to feel the real pleasure before. Such strange for me,because this just new to me,having this feelings of dis satisfaction. Yes I did cum, but the pleasure which is I am expecting for were lacked. I can feel it,but it is really little compared to what I feel before. I am afraid now, my mind is in confused if I have the sex problem, whoah!! that would be terrible. And everytime I masturbated just for me to reach the climax and be satisfied, is really hard for me to achieved it. That was one of the reason, and I found out why is that so- why is it happening to me.

GOSH- I LOVE SEX and I don't wanna be dis abled when it comes in that matter!!!


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