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Am I sex guru?

My friends were chilling when we were talking about sex thingies. Some liked it, and some hate it. Different perception about the word SEX. What is on their mind I guess they were the only one knew it. But one thing I had noticed that every time we talked about that matter, they will be staring at me, and tease. Not because I got lots of experienced,but because of those opinions that I'd shared to them. They seemed became more interested,conscious about it. Eye popping topic.

So they asked me personal question,the experienced that I had. No doubt I did answer them. I don't know if they find it nasty or interesting answer. But I my self, just tell them the real things about my sex life. That became vice,became my name tag.

Every time we have our conversation, we cannot deny the fact that there were always a possibility to open up a steamy and crazy dirty talked. And they even ask me about the update of my sex life. How terrific it was. But they were my friends, so let them know that it is okay. Flowing smoothly. LOL.

That was the reason why they called me SEX GURU. Is that a nice name?


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