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I am unfaithful to him

Days passing by now, still thinking all mistakes that I had done to my boy friend. I don't know what I feel. All those lies that I kept on my heart were starting to captures me, I always think bad about my self. Blaming my self of those unfaithfulness that I did to him. It sucks me off everyday.
He never did this to me and I am liar to him. I did promise that I must be faithful and true to him. But now, I lied.

I felt guilty about it, my mind was running after me, and asking me what was the reason why I did it. It bursting inside my heart. I AM UNFAITHFUL! I AM UNFAITHFUL!!

I lied,I lied,I lied,I lied

I lied,I lied,I lied,I lied,I lied,I lied,I lied,I lied

Things were troubling in my mind- I did it! It is my mistake, I wish to tell this to my boyfriend. But I am afraid he will be mad at me, or leave me. Now what should I do?


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