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my once in a lifetime adventure

Mountains,creek,hills,ocean,stream,brook,zigzag road,muddy way,fogs these are just few things I saw in my trip alone in a very deep place in Davao del Sur. A place of nowhere but a treasurer able moments that I experienced and cannot be paid. Those moment will remain on my heart, a part of my journey in this world.

Traveling far places that with out any relatives nor friends was such an awesome thing I love to do every time I got money to travel. Don't care if I am with friends or alone, always on my mind was the experienced that I cannot forget and would be a sweet great memories to be kept.

Conquering DAVAO del SUR, this is one of the farthest place in Philippines not saying with in the city of Davao but away from it, a hidden treasure and a marvelous place to live, a paradise and a peaceful place to dwell. I guess I am introducing this magnificent place so great huh. LOL-
Let me share you my once in a life time experience in that place.

It started with a non clear plan of where to go, it was friday afternoon me and my colleagues were having a coffee at one of the restaurant here in Davao,I my self a goofy guy always thinks adventure if I got little money to go. Well thanks God i have it. We planned about our shows and how to gain money from it. At last the meeting was done, and have to think back all those stuff that was bursting on my mind. And that was conquering Davao del sur. I am just conscious about how wonderful the place, since many of my friends used to tell me how awesome it is- hmmmmm, sounds interesting huh. Then later that night still never get the real answer on what would I gonna do,either would I travel or don't. Still strooling to convince my self to travel there were hesitations and doubts,might something wrong will gonna happen to me or what ever it is.

4 am,God I decide to travel alone! Well as an adventurous guy,I don't have fear of everything when it comes I come up with a good decision a plan and a steps to do when I am facing disaster. (Thanks God never happened at all.) The excitements and the extreme feeling of adventure cope up my world,think I was lost. At exactly 5 am, i went to the bus station and start traveling.
Cool, my plans succeed now,let conquer that place!

Wait for the next page-


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