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worry about my brother

i went home early last night. busy, and tired. but it's okay, as long i can still do it.Dressed up, and then prepare food for my self.. I had waited for 15 minutes to let the food cooked. At last it was okay, and gotta eat now! whoah..
Thanks God i am full, i gathered all messed that i made. I wonder why my kuya still not around, i texted him, where is he. I never find any reply from him. So i decided to sleep and let him open the door when he will be in.

4 am, i was awake, due to some personal necessity, i checked him, on his bed, but i never find him there. I was afraid, might be something wrong was happening to him,i tried to text him again, but so SAD, i don't have the load anymore. Till now, i don't know where is he going.. I am afraid, of what is happening to him, i never receive any text from him.. huhuhu..


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