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my once in a lifetime adventure- 2nd page

A zigzag road,from Davao to Malita we will travel for 4 to 5 hours it depends on the bus driver. If he drove fast then that would be okay. On the road, riding a bus was really crucial,if your immune system is weak I think you will be feeling dizzy and somehow vomit. But thanks God I am not,so all those zig zag road was just really easy for me,no harsh, along way of travel makes you sleepy and your 2 bumpy mountain will felt numb, I think it is because of sitting down for how many hours. One,two,three, we arrive in the small but a cute town called Malita. In this place you can only use your cellphones and any gadgets that needs network support, and as well you can only charge your phone.

It is not my destination yet, after Malita I need to travel for an hour to reached the mountainous place of this town, will be riding a motor cycle,upgraded one, why I called it upgraded. Most of the way was really rough,drivers must do something to make their motor cycle resists this rough way. And the is a habal habal ( a motor cycle which can carry 5 or 6 people just one ride). How awesome is that huh. And that is also a means of their living their.

So now,the real challenge was one step ahead,I have to ride a habal habal to reached the peak and see the great place. On my way reaching the place, I was really afraid that might be we will gonna die,because of those big stones and the way. I am not wrong, I expect a great challenge when were gonna be climbing the mountain just to reached the place, and the driver was good enough I guess expert. So we crossed those hilarious and nerve wracking way,a little mistake of the driver,we will gonna be seen on the foot of the mountain. That would be terrific if we can made mistake so bad. Climbing and climbing like there is no end,rough road here and there,we are in between of those colossal mountain. The virgin forest is good,but afraid of its silence. Don't know what are those creatures living there.

So at last we reached the peak. And so enticing the beauty of the nature if you reached the peak,cool and a flower for the eyes,but we are not done yet,still need to go forth to reach the place where we will gonna slept,at this time I can say it would be soft and clean,though it is not the smooth one,but it will be okay. We reached the place a small village,where I will gonna stay for 2 long days. I am alone,but never afraid. No body can beat me when it comes in asking for help. They assist me and a warm greetings. A good smile. Well people here were good! But one thing I noticed was the children were rampant on the place. Ages 1 to 12 think hundreds of them. Whoah,some has no slippers,shirts, pants, and some of them don't wash faces yet. Still have those dried mucous on their faces. Such innocent.

Innocent of what is going on with our country and a hard situation of our politics. All eyes were innocent.

The last part-


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