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PHILIPPINES- poverty and hunger rate


Wow, this is really an eye opener for all of us Filipinos- We are one of the poorest country in this world. Look now, most of our country men were suffering from hunger and extreme poverty. Things becomes so hard for us to achieved.

(food,clothes,personal needs,education and money)

These are just few of the needs that most of us were looking for. Young ones were the most affected of this kind of holocaust that we have today- and that is the POVERTY-

THIS THIRD WORLD COUNTRY- is there's any chance to reached what we were dreaming for. An abundant life, peaceful and a God fairing nation? How can we gain back our hope? People on our government feasting the little treasure that we have, a little food for this nation were all in their pocket. Lies here and there. Thieves are not living in far places,but near beside you- the people who had given a chance to rule this dying nation.We are fighting for our freedom, but they killed us slowly with their tricks of feasting our little treasure that we don't know- I think we know it, but most of the time WE ARE TOO LATE!

23.8 to27.6- this is our poverty hunger rate today- it is increasing? isn't it? YES IT IS INCREASING-


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