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my once in a lifetime adventure-last page

This would be the last part, the story of my adventure- an exploration of love and inspiration. Uniqueness and the ability to learned other culture in my country. It is an adventure of realization,how much knowledge must be valued.

Staying there for 2 days was not easy for me. I need to learned to be brave of facing the water every morning, it was such a stupid thing that happens to me by not taking a bath every day. A whole 2 days of my vacation. My body cannot resist it, it was really cold and think cannot even move my hands to touch the water. By the way people there were not using any DASURECO supply,and not using and drinking DCWD water, so meaning people there were using really from the nature and there is no chemicals on their foods.

All people lived just a simple life, some had given a chance to have their own motor cycle(men) woman used to be a farmer as well. Struggles each day, you can observed- but kids were so affected. Most of them were farmer, their source of income.So meaning even young children who had not given a chance to go school or finish it,they were young farmer helping their parents to feed their siblings.

I think it was rubbish to think how sad their situation,but they don't have any choice but to do that. Dreams was sacrificed and do the duties were not really intitled for them. I put it my mind, that this is not just an adventure but a lesson to learn about life. Being responsible and good enough to make my dreams possible.

Those magnificent views of nature were all useless,the mountains with fogs, brooks, fish and all those stuff is not worth it to remember if there were no lesson and no reason why you did go to that place- it is not just an adventure but a realization of life. The situation will wake you up and the reason of life will gives you the clue what are we facing now. It is all CRISIS.

Well I did enjoy with that adventure, and lesson of life will be more important than just an adventure. Know how to comprehend-


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