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Timothy Jian Smithson

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First Blast of November..........

I was thinkin' what would be is my journey again, on the next two  months of this year. Since most of it was a mess, 'twas unproductive in a sense i couldn't gauge what to do, staying in the house was my hobby, reading books, sometimes hopping with friends, write on blog and so on and so for. The routine was kinda annoying for me.

So i started to lean back and figuring out what is the best thing to do, to maximize this two more months of this year. I was thinking of having a vacation, gosh! got no budget for it- why then staying with friends and do a lot of escapades, whoa, that would be hard again- a whole bunch of unproductiveness. The first blast of this year, was really terrific strolling in this big city without anything to do, my job was on and off. Got a lot o offers but it turned out to be nothing. I was making some fun of my self, that i myself couldn't find it well and good to have. Lending money, i never used to it anyway, trying my luck.

Then there goes a  lot of "rakets" but it is not enough for me to live, i got a lot of hang ups again and again. Jesus, what the heck was happening to me.

I was floating on a lake, i was stagnant to be specific. I felt tired of my life, i waste it really bad.

At this moment while writing this post, i am in this room where everything are visible, the alluring freshness of the air makes you feel better, as the hand of the tree moves, it is like a dream which is invincible. Ropes are red, signifies the life of being young and vibrant inside and out. The clouds shine as the ray of the sun hits every area of it. As the darkness slowly coming down, seems it would be another festive moment that every human should share. Every struggle were all worth it, they were all treasured in a box that as i gaze up on it i could reminisce every passages which i stumble and learned from it.

First blast of trials, i messed up. But everything happened for a reason- to make us mature in the battle of life. For every guts and every trick we did there would be corresponding lesson we get from. So we better do positive things, maximize kindness and share the love. Because once these thing will hold up, we cannot get them back and do thesame routine as they did. Every sprout of the morning sun, you have time to think back that "life is worth living".....

We must learn to appreciate the beauty that we have,  find great friends, inspire people and we have to find inspiration as well, on what we do, on every day life. As we struggles, let us always think that it might be tricky to solve, but that is a jargon to make us believed "we exists  in the world of the living"...  That everything in this world would come and go, we cannot stick from the past, nor lean on the present but we should never be afraid for our future. As old ones says "let the future problem itself"...

I summed up with this quotes:

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”

Happy Halloween!


  1. Daghan na gyud ta ani na naay ingon ana na dilemma... Kung unsa ba gyud mahitabo sa ato kinabuhi... Kung unsa ba gyud ang plano... Hayz... pero still life goes on... and plan again for the future...

  2. hmmm maybe you just need to sort out everything and decide what you want to do. :) another great year ahead :D stay positive

  3. hello... Thank you for passing by my blog...
    and thank you for the comment...
    We must always remember life has a lot of surprises... we must always be ready to face what ever circumstances... All the best...
    And GOD BLESS...

    Sr. Sheena

  4. By the way daghang Salamat kaayo...
    I know how to speak bisaya...

  5. Xprosaic : lagi, hahai.. but it will come to pass din..

  6. Smarla: thank you for that positive...

  7. Sister Sheena: wow, that s great.. i thank you for hopping sa blog ko. hehehehe reat that you know how to speak bisaya...

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  9. Anonymous11/01/2010

    I still can't believe it is November!!! xD Very lovely post Timothy!! :)

  10. Best seo : okay, cool.. 'll try to do it..

  11. Maggie: thanks mag.. you are awesome ..

  12. “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”
    - tama dapat lagi updated hehehe..nagawi uli dito

  13. Hi Tim! Passed by here. Very true quotation at the end of your post. :)

  14. Salamat sa pag pass sa blog ko!:)

    Um, i like the third paragraph of this post!all of it are true!very much!:)

  15. rico de buco: salamat...

  16. Benh:no worries buddy..

  17. Sabi ko na nga bah...Minsan hanggang puro salita na lang,pero deep inside may hinahanap na kulang pa rin.Nagising ka rin sa realidad...Maganda yan.
    Nauntog ka rin.HA HA HA!

  18. Angie: well, i am happy that i evaluated myself and found out some errors, so now i live free..


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