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Reflection : Second part-

Depression is allowed to human being- because this is the time that we cried for help, love and care. This is the time where everything never flow into a place where we dream it should be. Time to react on things that we normally not. Time to feel the pain and how terrible it is, hitting the lean right through the bone.  Depression is the ability to look back and reflect - but it is not the avenue where people should stay and still feel the pain though it is already vulgar that it is worth moving on.

In life, we tend to make huge mistakes . Mistakes that deliver the most engaging feeling to find such reflection to see the thwarting  part of it. How horrible it is when we made mistakes and when we faced the consequences, when we find no room for help from friends and even family. Because life required us facing it alone. Taking the battle to the shoulder alone.

All people believe, so am i that there is always a time for every season. Life sometimes sucks, but it is the way life should be, to mold us and to make us great. A lot of people complaining about the loathsome predicament that they have. And as well a lot of people suppressing the emotions though it is no longer good taking it in.

So the ill effect  is horrendous. As most of  the non-fiction writer said " We need to augments our mean and diminish our wants, so the emotion as well ." We have to augments the feeling of being happy, kind and inspired. And diminish the thwarting part of our lives where we stumble and fall. But stand up and let the battle continue. Because- it is YOU at the end will discover, you've lose everything by focusing on your mistake and not  moving forward.

Time is not a river -  it is a pendulum
(Arna Bomteps)


  1. Sabi nga eh noone dies a virgin 'coz life fucks us all...ganoon lng talaga ang buhay :)

  2. Jag: hahahaha, galing nun ah...

  3. Anonymous11/23/2010

    weee.. sana di ako umabot sa state na ito...

  4. I like being depressed, it clears my head and allows me to see better.

  5. KikomaxXx : Well we all needed to be like this, i mean so face this in life..

  6. Nice reflection! Sabi nga nila there is time to despair and a time to cheer! Back read muna ako.

  7. pag depressed ako.. kain ako ng kain... hehehe
    nice post.

  8. this is an inspiring post. i hope you don't mind if i tick you as part of my blog roll.

  9. Athena: yup, hehehehe.. andaming ganun eh..

  10. Ester Yaje: Sure no problem for that...

  11. @tim: pano mo nalaman na taga davao ako? hehehe. di ko alam na may gathering whatever ang mga bloggers sa davao.

  12. nice post (:

    xoxo, OLEN

  13. Fivyolen Qiu: thanks Lass!

  14. Nice Tim, thanky you:)

  15. hehe thanks tim! x
    i like it too

    btw update update new one
    cant wait


  16. Fivyolen Qiu : sure, i am doing it now.. hahahahaa


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