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ANTM cycle 15 finale...


As the show started, i was really in a cloud nine thinking how would be this prestigious model search will make us smile and say "congratulations, you're still on the running towards of  becoming " Americas next top model". While choosing our favorite aspirant models who dreamed to be in a glitz and glam of the fashion industry we are so excited to see new faces and an avenger. This is the  one and only show around the world that showcases the ability of  a woman in photo shoots, go sees, runway trainings, and ofcourse  striving to fight to be on top, competing with other 13 girls who dreamed to be a model.

Screening, video recording, and ofcourse the demanding  fall in line just to be in the list, and will later stay in a a luxurious house where ever the producer let them stay. Ofcourse the famous  supermodel who started this famous model search is no other than Tyra Banks. 

Cycle 15 is yet another gigantic  blast for Tyra, as she unfold the biggest and the most influential people in the fashion industry. Matching with the most expensive  magazine "VOGUE ITALIA" or better known as Italian Vogue. Where  lots of supermodels had been featured, it is also a dream come true for a model to be featured in this magazine. So cycle 15 really got a first class treatment! The show opened, and the massive feed backs about new faces and ofcourse the drama in the house was exasperating. This cycle, they live  in an over looking beach house located at Venice beach California. And later as the competition's getting hotter, the contestants got a chance to see the wonderful Italy.

The battle of beauty and high fashion, as a model you should have the chameleon face to interpret the image that the photographer wants you to embody. Ann, 19, from Dallas Texas break the record as she takes great photos, and being the only model who has 5 consistent best photos of the week. This lady is just adorable as a baby, stands 6'2, and probably can break the record of Victoria as the lady with a smallest waist line  in the entire world. With her awkward move and weird personality, you couldn't find any model asset from her.  But she shocked the world with her ability to relate for the theme of the week. And so no doubt she was able to conquer and the break the record. Definitely she is one of my favorite so far in this cycle! And congrats to her, she made it to the top 2.. So here is Chelsey, 23, from Boise Idaho who just turned 23 in the middle of the competition. She had actually experienced modeling, so it was easy for her to compete. She is beautiful blonde girl, who stands 5'10 inches tall. And ofcourse competes well- she just won two challenges including the fashion show with Zac posen, the creation was called (Z spoke).

The two were chosen out of four, (Kyla and Jane) as the two delivered great shots and the personality to  to fit in, in the fashion industry. Just previously  Tyra created a motion photoshoot, which required contestant to pose but in a video. So the stunning girls pose and show their versatility but only two of them made it to the final. And that is Ann and Chelsey.

I am patiently waiting for this 2 gorgeous ladies, who will it be, who will be the next Americas Next Top Model. Will it be Ann- or will it be Chelsey?

                                                                     Ann from Dallas Texas

                                                                Chelsey from Boise Idaho

Let the battle begins!


  1. omg omg. i watch this too. em but which season is this? :)

    thanks so much for putting me on your blog! you are amazing. thanks for those sweets comments too. don't you see your blog also? they also nice! :D really nice.


  2. Fivyolen Qiu : whoa, thanks Fivy..

  3. I love ANTM!! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.
    Have a lovely day honey.

  4. Fashion Queen: yeah, you are right with it!

  5. I'd go for Chelsea but Ann is pretty too :) I don't know :D hahaha!

    have a nice day!

    ♥ Ellen

  6. Ellen ♥ : yup, lol.. sounds confusing..

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